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What You Need When Setting Up A Fitness Gym

Setting Up A Fitness Gym

Here’s an unfortunate fact: the state of Louisiana is among the to four states with the highest obesity rates in the country. About 60 percent of Louisiana adults are either obese or overweight. Health and fitness campaigns have been launched in schools and counties to address the problem. As the need to get back in shape has become even more pressing, setting up a fitness gym is an even more feasible business venture. There are big fitness gym franchises all over the state but many of them ask for high membership fees. Most would-be first time fitness would be more encouraged if they get a reasonably priced gym membership. Starting up a local gym can offer just what these newbie fitness enthusiasts need. Assuming you’ve taken care of the financial, marketing and other technical aspects of setting up a fitness gym, let’s go to the necessary fitness equipment and machines you’ll need to have in your gym. Depending to the size of your gym, you need at least four treadmills. Exercisers begin their workouts by sweating it out on the belts. Treadmills are the staple cardio workout machines for users of all fitness levels. Getting couple or more is a …

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