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Top Reasons to Own a Stationary Spinning Bike

Posted On: 10 Nov | Author: admin

Spinning bikes are widely used for workouts or athletic training in fitness centers and households in the United States. They are listed among the exercise machines that are proven to induce weight loss and strengthen muscles, the heart being the most important beneficiary. Spin bikes can be used for seated, standing and jumping workouts, targeting and toning different areas of the body.

Here are the most important reasons to purchase spin bikes:

1. Good for the Heart
From a medical standpoint, exercise is good because it promotes continuous blood circulation and keeps the internal organs healthy. The heart is the center of the circulation process, and most exercise routines and machines are designed to strengthen its functionality. People who use spin bikes for the first time can start with low resistance cardiovascular workouts; warming up for five minutes and slowly increasing resistance and revolutions per minute on the bike every three minutes. They may perform seated workouts until they feel they can step up to more advanced exercises. In the long run, they can reduce the risk of heart diseases and other cardiovascular problems.

2. Perfect for Losing Weight
From a physical fitness perspective, spinning bicycle activities boost health by reducing excess calories and weight. Just like in real cycling rounds, spin bikes are built to simulate hill climb workouts, which stave off as much as 500 calories per workout. One type of hill climb on the stationery spinning bike involves moderate resistance as the bike is set at an uphill mode equivalent to 1.5 minutes of climbing. Another is by combining sitting and standing positions at moderate resistance uphill and downhill throughout the routine. The workouts can take 20, 35, or 60 minutes depending on the endurance of the bike user.

3. Improves Endurance
Stamina and stress can easily be overcome with repeated exercise routines on the spinning bike. Starting from five minute workouts, exercisers can slowly work their way up to longer routines. The most basic kind is the seated workout, as if simulating a ride on a flat road. From 60 to 110 revolutions per minute, they can speed up to 145. Along the way, the leg muscles are toned and strengthened, so are the knee joints and ankles.Switching between sitting and standing workouts benefits the arms as well as the pelvic area, firming the buttocks.Over time, regular users of spin bikes will not notice that they can endure higher levels of resistance.

4. Corrects Posture
Jumping routines, as combined sitting and standing exercises are called, not only intensify the activity but teaches the right posture to the muscles of the shoulders, trunk and hips. When done correctly, the routines can reduce slouching and muscle imbalance. Spin bikes can be adjusted to the desired seat height, fore and aft position, and handlebar distance to suit their riders.

5. Can Be Done Indoors
While real bicycles cannot be used in gloomy weather conditions, spin bikes can be used in the safety of the home, without mileage requirements. Riders can exercise while listening to music, watching TV or reading a book propped between the bike’s handlebars. They are free to rest on a couch or chair after a tiring routine, and mount the bike again as they desire.

6. Little or No Impact
People with joint problems may not be allowed to perform certain exercises, particularly routines in standing position, because those could worsen their condition and cause immense pain. But since spin bike exercises can be done sitting down, the workouts have little or no bearing on the problematic joints. Even these low-impact exercises can still be high-intensity cardiovascular activities.

Fitness equipment stores are seldom without spin bikes, because the devices are easier and less complicated to use than other apparatuses. Fitness Expo, located in Shreveport and other cities in Louisiana, offers high quality exercise equipment and accessories.

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