10 Most Popular Workouts in Baton Rouge and Beyond!

10 Most Popular Workouts in Baton Rouge and Beyond!

Fitness trends may come and go, but the most popular workouts of recent years include the best of both new and standby classic fitness routines. Exercises that have become cult classics like indoor cycling and yoga remain among the top workout trends, while other fitness activities and cross-training with rowers, climbing machines and functional fitness have only begun to take off in fitness circles in and around the area.

No matter the exercise or workout routine is your “go to”, each of these favored workouts revolves around one of the three basic core elements of physical fitness:


• Strength building and resistance training
• Cardiovascular fitness and endurance
• Safe physical recovery

To achieve a balanced routine and improve overall fitness, people should utilize workouts that incorporate each of these elements into their weekly schedule.

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Shake up a normal day of exercise by trying something new. Better yet, improve overall fitness by cross-training. Add a new component to a health and wellness regimen with the following top 10 popular workouts.

Rowing / Rowers

This underrated exercise is slowly becoming a popular cross-training workout. From cyclists to runners, rowing can help improve and strengthen back muscles. As a key muscle group that is often overlooked when people are exercising and training their core, a strong back can significantly elevate performance in other sports.

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Indoor Cycling

A high-intensity cardio workout, cycling is an excellent way to build a strong aerobic base before testing anaerobic bounds. Through target heart rate training, cycling is an excellent way to work within a range of intensities and exercise zones, which makes this workout popular among so many people. And with recent advancements in technology, some models allow you to virtually map out your courses or project them on-screen like you’re really pedaling through eh mountains or racing the Tour de La France.

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Strength Training

To perform well in sports and life, a balanced exercise regimen is vital. For this reason, strength training has remained among the most popular workouts. Weight training machines and free weights alike, building muscle groups over sets of reps also helps rev up the metabolism. When the muscle is engaged and sustainably built, the muscle tissue burns calories for longer periods than a quick-hit cardio session.

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Climbing Machines

Climbing machines have become among the most popular gym workouts over the past year or two. A low-impact cardio workout that offers an alternative to indoor cycling, climbing machines like Versaclimbers utilize a range of muscles from the arms and shoulder to the glutes and legs. This total-body workout will torch calories and help increase endurance. See Matrix Fitness Climbmill


For a slower pace, yoga is a great workout that requires coordination, balance, and body strength. Yoga, like indoor cycling, can widely vary in the intensity of the activity. To get the best of both lengthening and toning muscles as well as a stronger cardiovascular base, yoga can be combined with other workouts for a stellar cross-training routine.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

High-intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT, is a go-to for many gym bunnies. To create the “high intensity” portion of this workout, each exercise in the circuit is performed quickly with little rest in between sets. Though fewer repetitions are done, the fast-paced fitness routine increases the working heart rate, making this a calorie-torching favorite.

LIIT (Low-Intensity Interval Training)

LIIT, or low-intensity interval training, is a helpful alternative to high-intensity interval training that has taken root in recent years. For those who like the idea of HIIT but prefer a slower pace, this is the workout for you without making any compromises. This workout uses more sets of reps at a much slower pace with longer breaks in between sets. In doing so, the muscle groups at work will burn calories for a longer period of time post-workout.

Bodyweight Exercises

With many of the same benefits as strength training, bodyweight exercises are the equivalent of low-intensity interval training to HIIT. It has more repetitions of the exercises that help people improve and maintain the muscle they already have. Perfect for a quick session on the go, bodyweight exercises make fitness and wellness a priority no matter the location.


While building muscle and cardio strength is important for fitness, proper recovery is also a key element to balanced health. Recovery workouts are popular for people who cannot stay away from the gym on rest days. Whether utilizing a breathing-oriented yoga class or a flexibility-centered stretching session, allowing muscles to recover is vital to avoiding injury. A foam roller can also be helpful for working out any kinks and knots that arise in sore muscles.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a trend that has just taken off in the past year, though it is largely tied to strength training routines. This type of gym workout keeps daily life in mind. From lifting heavy boxes and opening tight jars to running errands by foot and sleeping more soundly at night, intentionally working out to ease life’s chores has quickly become popular. With cardio and strength training at its core, this fitness regimen often mimics the tasks that are being improved upon. A stronger core and cardiovascular range certainly do not make life more difficult.

Closing Thoughts

No matter what your favorite workout, mixing it up with new fitness trends and old staples is a great way to keep things exciting and interesting. Prevent burnout and blast past fitness plateaus by trying out a few of the fitness methods in this guide.

And if you’re looking to buy cardio or commercial gym fitness equipment, give the friendly team at Fitness Expo Stores a call today. We’d love to help.