How to Make Exercise More Fun: 10 Ways to Do It

How to Make Exercise More Fun: 10 Ways to Do It

When working out has become overrated, and you feel more like lying down than doing it, it’s because you are not having any fun anymore. How can you stay motivated while enjoying exercise?

Working out should be fun to stay determined to be consistent and committed to the program. There are many reasons why exercising can change to a routine without the energy and dedication needed to make the effort worthwhile.

How can you make exercising fun while not feeling you are putting in the real effort at all? Can it really be enjoyable that you don’t realize you are exercising at all?

Here’s how you can bring back the fitness spirit into your exercise routine:

  1. Friends talking in the gymAsk Others to Join You

    Many of your friends will still live by the words; “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Maybe you should believe as much as they do, too. Encourage your friends or family to join you in whatever type of exercise you are planning to do.

    Studies have shown that people are mostly happier when they exercise with their friends or family. It’s what happens apart from the exercise that makes you forget you are exercising at all.

    Whether it’s chatting, singing, or simply giving each other moral support while exercising, it’s a wonderful social experience while staying fit together.

  2. Turn Up the Music

    Music does magic during exercise. It has its own way of relieving the pain and exhaustion that comes with lifting weights or doing cardio workouts. People would choose music that motivates or challenges them to keep on going and finish the exercise.

    A good suggestion is to select a playlist that wo11uld last as long as you plan to exercise. It’s a good distraction from focusing too much on when the exercise will end, especially if you are about to give up. It can also motivate you to keep a better mood and set the pace while you are doing your seemingly boring workouts on machines.

  3. Play Like You Were a Kid

    Young woman exercising

    Remember your favorite sports outdoors when you were a kid that would make you sweat all over? What did you enjoy playing that was your form of exercise when you were younger?

    Listen to what Val Turner has to say about being a kid again and having fun while exercising: “I attend a local group for hula-hooping across the age ranges. I hadn’t hula-hooped for over 60 years, and it came back to me very easily.”

    You can also rediscover the growing-up exercises that you had fun doing. Relive belly dancing, swimming in rivers, dancing to Sixties music, and so much more.

  4. Make Exercise a Game

    There are many games you can play with family and friends that can serve as your exercise for the day. Schedule it regularly, and you have an exercise routine that you will enjoy with people you love.

    Turn ordinary walks into a scavenger hunt or set a target for steps that you need to take within a certain time limit. The ideas are endless! Be creative while you consider alternative activities that make you run, walk, sweat, and burn calories.

  5. Move For a Cause

    Another good motivation to exercise is to participate in a charity event that involves a form of exercise. These events have become very popular. A supporter of these events commented, “It gives you a purpose to exercise and something to aim for, which keeps you motivated, especially when your friends and colleagues have sponsored you!”

    People are naturally encouraged to get out and walk, run, bike, swim, play a sport when they know they are able to help someone in need when they do so. This can take other forms of exercise as well. Some activities like tree planting, clean-up drives, and sorting food donations can be a form of exercise that makes a happier and more purposeful life.

  6. Reward Yourself

    Finished ExerciseThe first person you should be kind to is yourself. Exercise will be a form of punishment when you do not celebrate your small wins, and you keep pushing.

    It can be overwhelming to be committed to regular exercise when you have a goal to achieve, like losing a certain amount of weight. You might be discouraged when you are not able to achieve the goal.

    To make exercise more fun, you should not be too hard on yourself. Add a little incentive by rewarding yourself even when you have made little progress.

    Treat yourself to a spa treatment or a nice after-workout shower gel. However you treat yourself, it should still help you achieve your fitness goals.

  7. Fitness Apps

    There are thousands of Fitness Apps that have made it easier to do exercises on your own in your own space and at your most convenient time of the day. Install and use a fitness app that you know will help you exercise regularly. However you want to do your workouts, there will be a Fitness App for it.

  8. Watch Television

    Turn on your favorite show while you run on your treadmill, so you don’t have to wait for time. Be creative and do other forms of exercise like crunches or planks when the commercials are on to break the monotony.

  9. Keep A Journal

    Journal Writing

    You might be thinking, “How can this be fun?” Oh well, if you are not a fan of writing a journal, this may not be fun at all.

    But, consider this activity as a way of celebrating your small wins when you are able to achieve daily goals in your exercise routine and record them. You can add some fun and include pictures to keep you motivated with the changes you are experiencing.

  10. Change Your Routine

    Some people get easily bored when they do the same exercises every day. Mix up exercises when you feel that your workouts are becoming a rut. Do some research and watch videos of different workout sets that you can adopt.

    When you get bored on the treadmill, run outside. When you are tired of heavy lifting, try yoga and Pilates. Just find something else to do that will still make you burn those calories and pump your heart.

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You can look forward to every exercise when you try one, two, or several of these interesting ways of making exercise more fun. Modify your perspective on exercise and find activities that are both enjoyable and health-promoting.

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