10 Ways to Make Exercise More Enjoyable

10 Ways to Make Exercise More Enjoyable

Not everyone has the same level of motivation and patience when it comes to exercise. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to become consistent with a workout program and following a strict diet. Because exercising requires a lot of moving around, some see it as a chore that is best left delayed—or abandoned. Some people prefer not to deal with sore and sweat they will feel within days of working out.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still make working out enjoyable, so fun that you don’t realize you’re exercising at all. Here are some fun activities to get you into the fitness spirit.

  • 1. Turn Up the Music

Whether you’re chilling with yoga or getting your heart pumping with cardio, music helps you become more challenged to continue and even finished your exercise. Make a playlist for every exercise type. Pump the volume with dance songs while running on your treadmill or blast “Eye of the Tiger” on your next strength training session.

  • 2. Go Outside

Take advantage of the perfect weather by exercising outside. Jog, walk or run around your neighborhood or local park instead of on your treadmill. Dust off your bike and feel the air as you cycle. Plus, the sun’s natural rays will benefit your overall health.

  • 3. Fitness Apps, Anyone?

Everything comes in apps these days, from ordering food to checking movie dates. This goes the same for tracking down your fitness progress. There are practically thousands of apps to help you start moving, with various built-in features catering to your needs.

  • 4. Have fun with a Hula Hoop

You’re never too old to start doing hula hoops. Moving your hips around can actually do wonders not on those parts, but with your abdominal muscles as well. Who says you always have to endure crunches to get those toned abs?

  • 5. Socialize

Catch up with a fellow gym nut or make new friends while doing exercises together. You won’t even feel tired or the burn in your body as you chat away. You can also bond over health smoothies or during rest sessions.

  • 6. Play Sports

It doesn’t have to be baseball, basketball or tennis. Even playing frisbee, catch or tag can keep you sweating all day. Round up your family and friends, and start playing.

  • 7. Watch Television

Bike or run on your treadmill while enjoying your favorite TV show instead of staring into nothingness and counting every second of your exercise. You can also do other exercises such as crunches or planks during commercials.

  • 8. Keep a Journal

Write down or take photos of your progress. Seeing results, even the smallest ones, will motivate you to keep going. Keep a journal handy detailing your progress, results, and the exercise programs that you are currently doing.

  • 9. Don’t Train Yourself too Hard

Your body needs to recover between workouts to function efficiently. Make time for relaxation: read your favorite book, catch up with friends or start a DIY project. Pushing yourself too hard can only do more harm to your body, so be gentle with it. You can also use exercise machines to keep your workout in check.

  • 10. Reward Yourself

Treat yourself. You deserve it. Come up with a reward system every time you successfully finish an exercise. Say your goal is to do three sets of burpees. Reward yourself with that motivation with a post-workout smoothie or even a beach getaway.

Have Fun While Being Healthy

You are most likely to fail and give up if you don’t enjoy your exercise program. Always keep in mind that you need to assess which workout you see enjoy. Mix it up with recreational activities such as swimming, walking your dog or playing frisbee with friends. Try machines that you enjoy using as well, such as the Precor upright bike.

You will have more fun with your fitness journey if you enjoy it. Progress does take time, but it will be all worth it.