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    Month: February 2015

  • LifeCore LCR100 – Get to Know Your Heart

    Rowing machines are a good way to build up heart health. Combining strength-training resistance designed exercises with the steady motions that promote an elevated cardiovascular state, they improve endurance and heart health in equal measure. The LifeCore LCR100 is a rowing machine designed

  • Vision T9600 – Custom Construction

    The Vision T9600 is a treadmill designed to be adapted to specific needs for specific users. More basic models of treadmill can suffice for many users in a pinch, but the T9600's precise features and adaptability mean that it can be customized to the uses and needs of a given owner in ways that

  • Schwinn Airdyne – Lean Look, Robust Results

    Some designs are so elegant, so simple, that on seeing them you wonder why they weren't thought of before. The Schwinn Airdyne's special air-resistance system is one such design. A simple idea that provides excellent results. Some fitness experts suggest that an exerciser's own body is their own

  • Precor EFX – Special Effects Workout

    The EFX is an elliptical trainer designed for people who want good results in every area. Strength training, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility – all of it can be achieved with careful use of the EFX's assorted options. Fitness Expo personnel in the cities of Jackson, Metairie,

  • LifeCore 1050RB – Take Control of Your Workouts

    You can exercise with any machine, it is true, but experienced athletes and exercisers know that high quality tools can produce outstanding results. A machine like the LifeCore 1050RB recumbent stationary bike, for example, allows users to take precise control of their workout in ways that more

  • ElliptiGo – Get Up and Go!

    The ElliptiGo outdoor elliptical trainer is like no other machine in the world. Uniquely designed and engineered, it offers an exceptional workout routine that builds strength and endurance in a low-impact frame, all under the great outdoors and open sky. The real power that it offers, however, is

  • Inspire CS2 – Cardio and Flexibility Training

    Elliptical workout machines offer users a number of special advantages over other workout devices. The Inspire CS2 is a high quality seated elliptical machine, offering a low impact exercise format that improves muscle tone, burns calories, raises cardiovascular performance, and increases

  • Pacemaster – A Gym Grade Home Treadmill

    While the most important part of any workout is the person doing it, high quality equipment can help dedicated trainers achieve outstanding results. Gym-grade equipment is not just for big name gyms, but can be had in home units at an affordable price. One such gym quality unit is the Pacemaster

  • Precor 931 – Versatile Workouts Need Versatile Tools

    One of the most important parts of any workout is versatility. Even a runner who runs the same route every day for years experiences changes. Maybe part of the route is washed out. Maybe their stride length changes over time. Or perhaps they want to run it fast and hard one day, but take it easy

  • Precor 927 – Weight Loss Made Simple

    Weight loss can be hard work, but there is no reason whatsoever that it should be a complicated undertaking. Many people over-think the matter and jump into complex routines of diets and exercises, when they could be simplifying their weight loss experience instead. Enter the Precor 927, a

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