5 Accessories for Your Cardio Fitness Equipment

5 Accessories for Your Cardio Fitness Equipment

Cardio fitness equipment in the gym is one of the key factors when it comes to customers choosing a fitness center. 

Cardio machines are often one of the most claimed and used equipment in a gym or fitness center and it is quite important for you to fully equip them with the latest technologies and trends. 

However, these are not the only factors that make the difference, their fitness accessories are also really important.

So that you can have all these elements in your favor, we want to tell you about these essential accessories for your cardio equipment at your commercial gym.

Personalized Fitness for Everyone

As a gym director, personal trainer or instructor, you will most likely be aware of the latest industry innovations. There have been plenty of novelties incorporated to the fitness area during the last few years. 

Allowing users to get a more personalized workout as time goes by but also more dynamic, getting to the point of serving the fitness pros to develop their job on a more effective approach.

All these new technologies implemented to fitness equipment makes exercise to be a healthier and more accurate activity, in which every movement and each step is measured in order to achieve the users’ goals effectively. 

Although these improvements allow workouts to be simpler, full of motivation and optimization we shall not forget about those fitness accessories which have been here for a long way as well.

Here are the essential exercise accessories to help you upgrade your fitness regimen

1- Exercise Machine Floor Mat

An exercise machine floor mat is designed to protect any floor against scratches and dents from your gym equipment as well as preventing any damage to your floor made by dirt or heavy equipment with a simple unroll of this mat onto any hard or soft surface. 

Most of these mats are can be perfectly used under elliptical exercise machines, rowers, treadmills, exercise bikes, and other longer cardio equipment in your commercial gym or studio.

Floor mats produce excellent traction and slip resistance thanks to their texture and they can be found in a great variety of sizes allowing you to find the one which fits the best to your gym equipment. 

Mats are habitually thick to provide an additional cushioning and protection to your floor yet they can be easily cut to size with a sharpened knife. Floor mats are also easy to clean by just using a damp cloth, broom or vacuum.

These kind of floor mats are a perfect fit for a BH Fitness T6 Treadmill which additionally has an active-flex suspension technology that allows the user a softer landing and firm push off for comfort and efficiency.

2- Steps

An aerobic step platform provides the exerciser with a raised platform that, often combined with music, allows them to perform the aerobic exercise while setting the pace of movement patterns with the music to build cardio endurance. 

It encourages calorie and fat burns as well as toning the muscles on your hips, waist, and legs by stepping up, around, and down from the platform at varying speeds and rhythm. 

Last but not least it also serves to reinforce the chest and back with pushups.

In most of the cases, these platforms are adjustable so the user can increase the workout intensity. Step platforms are perfect for a wide amount of people with different fitness level, allowing the newest exercisers to work on basic steps while adding height as their strength grows so they can get a challenging workout. 

Thanks to its manageable size and lightweight construction it is an easy to carry accessory for gyms or studios.

3- Spinning Bike Computers

Spinning is probably one of the best methods for burning calories. 

However,  not being able to keep a track on how many calories you burnt and how many miles you covered may turn it into a not-encouraging fitness activity making it harder to do that extra mile. 

These computers help users to find their motivation, a compact spin bike computer that is easy to use and read makes a good spinning bike even better.

Some of the features and feedback included in most of today’s spinning computers are but not limited to:

– Cadence

– Heart Rate/Pulse

– Distance

– Time

– Calories

– Sensors

– Wireless monitors

A BH Fitness LK500IC will take advantage of these computers as any other.

4- Passport Media Player

A Passport Player allows the user to travel among the landscapes and cities through HD video content that is displayed on a TV. 

While you are walking over different terrain you feel changes under your feet while running, hiking, or biking. 

As well as listening to the sounds of your surroundings via speakers or headphones.

5- Silicone Oil for Treadmills 

This Oil will allow your treadmill to keep its performance at its best with proper maintenance. The silicone lubrication will extend the life-span of the belt and electronic components in your machine.

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