The 5 Best Ab Exercise Equipment You Can Try

The 5 Best Ab Exercise Equipment You Can Try

One of the benefits of maintaining a good workout routine is that you are sure to see results.

Achieving your dream body is one reward that a lot of people work for. This includes gaining amazing six-pack abs.

Just what does it need to gain great abs? Are there special diets, workouts, or ab exercise equipment you can try?

What Should I Do To Lose Belly Fat and Gain Abs?

There is no magic trick or instant solution to achieve that coveted six-pack abs.

The most basic rule to achieve it is you need to be dedicated and be willing to put in all your hard work.

Here are some important tips to remember while working towards your ab goals!

Begin With Your Diet

Aside from grinding with your workout routine and equipment, keep in mind what you eat.

If you will be as determined in working out, you should also focus on your diet.

A great addition to your diet could be increasing your protein intake. Replace sugars and processed foods with good protein.

This can help you with better weight and fat loss and stimulate muscle growth.

Protein also helps your body to repair muscles that you use during your workouts.

Some great foods that are high in protein are meat, eggs, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Consider adding these to your regular diet in support of your ab building workouts.

Add More Cardio

According to Healthline, adding cardio to regular workouts can help maximize the results.

Cardio can help in lessening extra fat that you may have and can help your muscles in the abdomen to be more visible.

Try Some of the Most Effective Ab Workouts

There are a lot of choices for the best ab exercises that you can try.

A key component of these ab exercises is that it will target important group muscles in your core.

Start with some of these for 15-20 repetitions, with about 3-5 sets each.

Remember, to try a variety of workouts.

It is important that you do not neglect other muscles in your body even if you are working on your abs.

  • Crunch
  • The plank
  • Bicycle maneuver
  • Back extensions
  • Captain’s chair
  • Reverse crunches
  • Vertical leg crunches

Best Rated Abdominal Exercise Equipment You Can Try

Using the right equipment can help you yield the results of your hard work much faster.

This is also true for developing abs. Aside from regular ab exercises like crunches and planks, the equipment can level up your workouts.
Look for this equipment that will help you get well-toned abs.

1. Sit Up Benches

You might have seen a lot of these benches in your local gym. The sit-up bench is one of the most frequently used abs exercise equipment.

Anyone, from a beginner to an advanced trainer can use the bench for core strengthening.

2. Captain’s Chair

Another helpful abs exercise equipment is the Captain’s Chair. It has a backrest that is suspended and has armrests on both the left and right sides.

It functions like a pull-up bar where you can suspend your body weight on the armrests while placing you back on the backrest.

Your feet should be off the floor. This will help target your pelvis, obliques, rectus abdominis.

3. Abs Swing

Using the Abs Swing is another good equipment to build the abs.

Make sure to use the abs swing with other exercises that help with burning fat and toning muscles.

This equipment has a pivot seat with handles on both sides that will help target your lower and upper body

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4. Rowing Machine

The mechanics of the rowing machine is to copy the movements made in outdoor rowing.

The resistance and speed of the motions can be adjusted based on your level of difficulty.

There are four movements that happen in the rowing machine: the catch, the drive, the finish, and the recovery.

A lot of muscle groups move in every motion such as the legs, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, quads, etc. The core is targeted in every motion.

Check out our Inspire CR2 CrossRow that offers multiple positions to vary the muscle involvement.


5. Power Tower Stations

The power tower, though complicated to use, will allow many dynamic exercises that use your body weight. You can perform many exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and other ab exercises.


Add More Equipment on Your Home Gym Arsenal

There is a lot of equipment available in the market that would help with the most effective ab workouts. Our recommendations are just some equipment available for you.

Combine working out with equipment with a proper diet and you are sure to rock this abs in time!

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