5 Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers for Your Fitness Program

5 Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers for Your Fitness Program

If you are looking for commercial gym equipment in Shreveport there are hundreds of companies in the industry that produce from cardio machines to weight plates and other fitness equipment. 

Professional exercise equipment manufacturers can go from small brands to some of the world’s leading manufacturers. 

Thus knowing which brand to choose may require some knowledge and expertise. 

Options may vary from choosing a mid-priced manufacturer with the intention to provide optimal value for money or making a higher investment to get high-end equipment from top fitness equipment manufacturers.

There can be a difference in your workout results if you are using a high-quality gym equipment machine and that is due to the consideration most top-rated brands take on the variety of exercise styles and how the human body functions in their design combined with quality and durability required for commercial use. 

Commercial gym equipment often comes with a significant price tag, therefore, researching before making an investment is completely is the best approach.

To guide you through commercial gym equipment manufacturers we have compiled a list of 5 brands.

1- Precor

Precor has become one of the world’s leading gym equipment manufacturers. 

It combines reliability, ease-of-use, and solid construction with precise, flowing, and smooth motion on every fitness equipment they build. 

They are focused on building the best fitness equipment to optimize users’ workouts by offering a very smooth and natural feeling. 

Precor’s equipment has been built always anticipating the needs of their customers and has always focused on ergonomic motion with highly-efficient engineering as well as proven science on their products, allowing them to be one of the leading manufacturers for so many years.

Precor offers multiple elliptical fitness crosstrainers, Upright and Recumbent Exercise bikes, Adaptive Motion Trainers, Treadmills, Strength-building Systems, and Core/Stretching Equipment for abs and lower muscles groups. 

Its equipment efficiency and superior engineering make it one of the best commercial fitness equipment manufacturers.

The innovative and high-end of Precor is captured on the Precor AMT833 AMT for commercial use.

2- Life Fitness

Founded in 1977 and based in Illinois, Life Fitness has been in the building industry for more than 40 years. 

As most of the top manufacturers, Life Fitness has been building multiple kinds of gym equipment, from racks, and gym systems to cardio machines. 

Life Fitness gym equipment is widely known for its modern design, solid quality, and a range of modern features, and it offers a considerable amount of different products, reaching more than 400 different gym equipment, allowing the chance of entirely filling a gym with nothing but this exercise equipment.

Due to its popularity in the United States, Life Fitness equipment can be commonly found on both small and large gyms across the country.


Hoist Fitness Systems was founded in 1977 and has been working on gym equipment design and manufacturing focused on strength exercise equipment for commercial and residential use. 

Hoist top-quality on categories like Home Gym, Commercial Gym, Functional pulley systems, and Multi-stack gym makes Hoist a strongly recommended company by gym owners. 

Thanks to their renowned quality, safety, and performance it is as well a favorite line on health clubs, hotels, military bases, universities, and more.

As an example of Hoist top quality on its commercial wholesale fitness equipment at Fitness Expo Stores, we have the HOIST RPL-5601 Ab Machine which uses the ROX Technology for a unique training experience.

4- StairMaster

StairMaster was first launched in 1983 and it is consistently working on manufacturing new machines with innovative designs in order to keep hearts pounding and sweat flowing. 

StairMaster is a perfect fit for those users who are looking to push themselves to the limit. 

StairMaster’s continuous climb has been useful for the most productive workouts possible with added efficiency when combined with HIIT Training.

5- TechnoGym

TechnoGym is a gym equipment manufacturer based in Cesena, Italy. 

Founded in 1983, TechnoGym is one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers with high-end gym equipment. It massively grew and became one of the world’s top commercial gym equipment manufacturers during the 2000s. 

TechnoGym was one of the exclusive suppliers for the 2016 Summer Olympics thanks to its reputation for manufacturing technology-focused, high-quality, durable gym equipment. 

Most of the company equipment includes modern technology such as tablets and LED displays so users can monitor their workouts. 

Although TechnoGym’s equipment is surely not the cheapest on the market, it offers a great combination of high-quality materials, design, and reasonable value for money. The products they offer goes from cardio equipment like treadmills and bikes to resistance training equipment.

Fitness Expo Stores offers a complete range of commercial gym equipment from top fitness equipment manufacturers. Drop by our store and receive complete assistance on choosing the right equipment for your gym.