5 Common Features of Life Fitness Treadmills

5 Common Features of Life Fitness Treadmills

Treadmills are top sellers when it comes to home fitness equipment. With this equipment, you can enjoy the health and fitness benefits of walking or jogging without having to go out of your home. And among the companies the offer treadmills, one of the best is Life Fitness. If you want to know why, here are the features that you can enjoy from home and commercial Life Fitness treadmills:

Ergo Bar
Ergo Bar is the technology applied on the handrails and handlebars of Life Fitness treadmills. Coming from the term itself, this technology makes is designed such that you can easily grip on them while walking. These handlebars are easy to grip, which assures users steady balance while using the equipment. Controls are also set up ergonomically so users can choose their programs and settings in an easier way.

FlexDeck Shock Absorption System
This is also among the common features of Life Fitness treadmills. Many experts recommend treadmill walking because of how it can lessen injuries caused by regular walking. While this is a primary benefit of treadmills in general, Life Fitness made it even better with the FlexDeck technology, which lowers the impact on the feet by 30%. This guarantees users that they will get the utmost protection from impact while exercising on this equipment.

Sleek Design
Life Fitness treadmills are also known for their sleek design, which surpasses other equipment today. Quality design is important especially for commercial use like in gyms in order to attract people’s attention. Clients will also find it beneficial for their use within the facility since they would like to use the best facilities offered by gyms not only when it comes to functions but also on design.

Warranty coverage is also among the many best offers of Life Fitness. Depending on the treadmill model you buy, Life Fitness offers warranties on some parts of the equipment, including the motor. This assures you not only savings on repairs or parts replacements. Most importantly, warranty coverage also serves as insurance that the products will work properly for your needs.

Safety is not an issue with Life Fitness treadmills because Life Fitness makes sure that their products meet the industry’s standards when it comes to safety. In fact, Life Fitness exercise equipment is designed with features, such as handrails, that enhances users’ safety

These are the most common features that users can enjoy with both commercial and home Life Fitness treadmills. Apart from these, there are still so much more to expect from such fitness equipment. With these, it is not surprising why many people go for Life Fitness.

If you want to start your fitness regimen, having a treadmill at home is one great way to start. And what better way to get the best treadmill than to purchase from a renowned brand like Life Fitness. If you want to see Life Fitness treadmills, check out Fitness Expo Stores.

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