5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers

5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers

Most of us in Baton Rouge have had buyer’s remorse of some kind.

Whether we bought a movie we remembered enjoying in the theater only to realize it wasn’t as good as we remembered it or we bought a lot of broccoli the last time on a grocery trip only to realize that maybe we overdid it with the flowery vegetable, there’s plenty of times when we’ve made a mistake on a purchase, most of them innocent.

No one coerced us to get all of that broccoli, we did it because we made the mistake of shopping while hungry!

Choosing the right commercial gym equipment manufacturers doesn’t have to carry with it the same remorse as the theoretical broccoli episode.

Besides, you probably won’t be hungry to eat any brand of commercial exercise equipment and therefore won’t accidentally make an ill purchase from such a fantastical situation.

There are, however, still some pitfalls that hopefully this blog will make you aware of so that you don’t get stuck buying from commercial exercise equipment brands that don’t hold up to your expectations.

Buying Direct

Many manufacturers offer direct purchasing. In fact, that’s how companies like Fitness Expo Stores get their product to sell to you.

However, by doing so, without searching the company, you’re left to take an unnecessary risk as to the quality of the brand. It’s a bit like buying a movie based on a recommendation of a friend versus picking a movie purely based on the cover has never even seen the trailer.

Buying from through a retailer, you have a layer of protection from curation and return policies that some direct sales (especially more undesirable ones) simply don’t have.

A retailer, especially if they’ve been in operation for any decent length of time, will know what customers enjoy and what is worth buying and will carry the best brands of commercial gym equipment.


Even the best commercial gym equipment in Baton Rouge need to be serviced from time to time in order to keep them operating in tip-top shape.

No matter how good a brand like Precor makes their Spinner Rally Chain Drive indoor cycle, eventually they’ll need a tune-up.

These are machines, after all, not pictures hanging on a wall. They get used, they pick up normal wear and tear and they’ll need a warranty to cover them.  

Ignoring warranty options is a common mistake because the cost of normal warranty covered maintenance is always cheaper than corrective maintenance down the line.


Even though retailers will have extra, non-paid-for opinions about commercial gym equipment manufacturers, now and then a manufacturer will prove themselves with one kind of equipment then take that reputation to another piece of equipment.

However, this doesn’t always mean that the quality and experience of their original offering will automatically translate into a second great line of products.

It would be like expecting your favorite mattress brand would be great at making cars because their mattresses are so great.

There are a lot more similarities in equipment than that example, but research to find out what commercial exercise equipment brands actually accel at making.

High Price Doesn’t Naturally Mean High Quality

Seeing prices on some equipment put out by some brands may give the impression of inherent quality or value, but these two things aren’t specifically related, but for some products, people tend to just let this perception slip away.

Don’t look at price tags as any indicator other than affordability.

Top of the Line

People think that somehow the top of the line is always the best, but really choosing a commercial gym equipment brand that targets the kind of usage you anticipate their equipment being used for is far more economical in the long run.

For instance, if you are expecting moderate activity where your equipment is going to be, there’s no reason to get a super-pro-trainer machine like Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer when you’re likely to have patrons mostly interested in simply spending a few minutes on a treadmill or stationary bike.

If you want to look at brands that fit that clientele, you’d be getting more value by simply getting a more traditional set of free weights, for instance from a completely different brand.

Avoid Hasty Decisions

Take your time and make sure you know what you want first.

It makes it easier for us at Fitness Expo Stores in Baton Rouge to make sure you get the right equipment for you. Call us at 225-686-5620 and let our thirty years of experience help you make the right choice.