5 Red Flags to Watch Out for Gym Equipment Installation

5 Red Flags to Watch Out for Gym Equipment Installation

You don’t want to trust just anyone to come into your home as there is the obvious matter of blindly expecting people to respect your home and your belongings. 

Still, beyond that, there is also finding professionals that will handle a job properly and not cut any corners just to take their commission and move on with their life without regard to the work being done.

Her we’ll talk about some important things to look for and watch out for when it comes to finding the right people for home gym assembly services. 

Generally, we’ll be operating under the assumption of a full installation provided by the same workers who deliver your home gym equipment as these more complete services will often have the best prices as well as the most experienced personnel. 

So, if you’re in the market for a great piece of gym equipment like the Precor EFX 443 Precision TM Series Elliptical, we’re here to discuss the things to keep an eye out for when getting it installed at home. 

Signs to Watch Out For

Experience Or Lack Thereof

When looking for installation services you’re better off looking for companies that have existed for a while and have a tried and true legacy and customer reviews that you can read. 

People who aren’t held accountable for what their workers do on a job site shouldn’t be trusted into your home or working with your home on your exercise equipment that if installed incorrectly could lead to your own personal injury. 

If a place has been around a long while offering these services they’ll have trustworthy vetted workers that will get the job done and treat you and your home with respect.


When it comes to installation services, the more specialized the business is the better and more experienced staff will be when it comes to handling and properly setting up the equipment that they bring into your home. 

If you want to find specialized workers you can easily find them by shopping through the right retailers and distributors. 

The installation crew that works for a local home gym equipment distributor will be especially experienced in handling the equipment you get through them. For example, in Shreveport you can turn to Fitness Expo for shopping, delivering and installation.


The best installation crews will also offer maintenance services as part of their business. 

This is something to be especially keen on finding as if something does go wrong with how the equipment was installed, the companies that offer maintenance services will often offer free first maintenance to make up for the fact if something went wrong. 

When you see a company that doesn’t offer maintenance services, you should read that as “We’re not interested or accountable for any future problems that occur with what we installed for you.” which is hardly a trustworthy business model.

It’s also good to have access to a good maintenance and inspection team that can check up on and keep your equipment in good working order instead of waiting for your machines to entirely break down and hope some form of repair can be performed or if you have to completely replace it.


With the modern-day internet presence of companies, there is no reason to put any faith in a business that does not have any reviews available to look through. 

They may not have their own personal reviews on their own websites but with social media, yelp, and google, it shouldn’t be difficult to find real customer opinions of the workers you will be hiring to handle your home gym assembly services for you.

If you can’t find any form of customer reviews or rating from the better business bureau then you might not exactly be looking at a real or trustworthy company.


When shopping around for installation services and where to buy your equipment from you should also be wary of the length of time offered in warranty if there is any time at all. 

The longer the product remains under warranty the more faith the company has in the quality of its services. 

You should also be aware of the clauses for what your warranty covers and what it doesn’t. A manufacturer’s warranty may not cover any faults caused by a poor installation. 

Ideally, when investing a large sum of money into making your perfect home gym you want to keep that money safe from any other people’s mistakes that could make you lose your money.

Get in touch with us when you’re ready for the best home gym equipment installation available from Fitness Expo – Shreveport, we’ve got you covered for all your fitness and workout needs.