5 Tools Everyone in the Seated Elliptical Industry Should Be Using

5 Tools Everyone in the Seated Elliptical Industry Should Be Using

Seated Ellipticals are a wonderful way to get a nice some cardio in while also enjoying some of your favorite media whether it be audiobooks, movies, music or just getting your daily dosage of the news. 

For this reason, the seated ellipticals are the tool of choice when it comes to multi-tasking your workout with your other tasks of the day.

Here’s a list of the tools that everyone should look into to further optimize their seated elliptical experience to burn more calories and improve your fitness week by week.

Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps are regularly available and some of them will even match up to certain Bluetooth compatible elliptical units that can track your progress, remotely modify resistance, and give you a great idea of how much progress you are actually making as you make a regular habit of working out.

These apps can seem like they’re no big deal and a novelty but being able to track your progress can make a big deal in your success as you are aware of your bad days after not taking care of yourself and can see month after month how you burn more calories, keep your heart rate lower while exerting, and can make a game and goals of your own self-improvement routine. 

If you’re skeptical you should at least try it out for a month to really see what information and progress you can view with these apps and how that makes you feel about your workout.

Fitness Tracker

Many seated elliptical machines promote hands-free usage so you can go about other things in your routine while getting some extra cardio in. 

If your elliptical usage doesn’t include the use of seated elliptical recumbent elliptical cross trainer elements like moving bars to get your upper body engaged that also include pulse trackers then you may want to invest in a fitness Heart Rate Chest Strap or Fitness tracker wristband. Try the Octane XR6i Seated Elliptical

That way you can still benefit from heart rate monitoring to evaluate the progress of your cardiovascular health. 

These also often can have Bluetooth features to connect to a phone app so if your elliptical doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature for your fitness app you don’t have to replace the elliptical, just get a high tech wristband!

Ankle Weights

Not as high tech as the above tools are, but still a massive boon for people working out on a seated elliptical. 

If you’ve been using an elliptical for a long time then you may have found you aren’t getting enough difficulty out of your workout winding your legs at a breakneck speed. 

Ankle weights are a solid way to add some strength training to your cardio routine that can often feel less obstructive to people not used to the movement of ellipticals than the resistance built into the machines. 

They’re also just good in general to add to your daily routine while doing chores since you can’t be locked down to your elliptical all the time.

Some 5-pound weights are a great start but they can also go heavier if that’s your preference.

Under Desk Elliptical 

If you’ve yet to buy your own elliptical for your home because they are too big and bulky or too expensive for your budget you can find a great benefit from under desk style ellipticals which just have the components for the winding leg motions and you can use them from any chair. 

The intended use is to use an office desk in order to get your workout while you get your work done but you could slap this on the floor in front of any chair and get to winding. 

It won’t offer the same opportunities for HIIT exercise routines for fat melting as a proper elliptical machine but if you’re tight on space in the home and need compact options for cardio that offer low joint impact then this is a solid option for you.

Medicine Ball

Not at all a proper accessory for a seated elliptical it is worth mentioning that seated ellipticals often don’t offer the same level of core and balance workout that their standing cousins do. 

For that reason, if you’re in the habit of using seated ellipticals it’s probably worth it to separately work on your core and balance and if you’re looking for seated workouts there is nothing better to stand the test of time than your classic Medicine Ball which you can pull up to your desk and get a whole day long workout as you go through your work routine.

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