6 Best Baton Rouge Workout Equipment Gift Ideas 2019

6 Best Baton Rouge Workout Equipment Gift Ideas 2019

With the holiday season getting closer and closer, a lot of people are already starting to scurry for gifts. While it’s easier to get gifts for little kids who’ll take almost any toy, it’s harder to get gifts for adults. 

And in this case, what happens if it’s workout equipment that they want? 

You’re in luck. This list will show you the best gifts for the Christmas season- or maybe even a birthday- for those who take working out seriously. From our top quality brands and products, here they are:



  • SPRI DELUXE ADJUSTABLE SPEED JUMP ROPE – While jump ropes may remind you of gym class in middle school, this jump rope is different. This jump rope has a few different features. The smooth ball bearings ensure a smooth experience. Along with this, it allows users to adjust the length of the rope for a more intensive experience. It’s designed to minimize hardwood floor damage.
  • RESISTANCE BANDS – Resistance bands are often overlooked pieces of gym equipment, but most exercise enthusiasts know that these bands work wonders. This is a piece of cost-effective exercise equipment. The bands actually have a multitude of uses almost as much as some exercise machines.
  • PULL-UP BARS – Pull-up bars are very convenient pieces of exercise equipment. They were made to bring expensive commercial gym machine workout quality into your home. They’re designed to lock onto the borders around doors so you can exercise in the comfort of your home with little setup so you can get to exercising as soon as possible. While the exercises for this equipment might seem limited to just pulling yourself upward, you don’t have to just attach it to the top of a door. You could also put it on the ground, wall, etc. This is also a good gift for those who have kids, as they can watch their kids playing in the hallway while exercising.
  • YOGA MATS – While doing yoga may not be for everyone, yoga and fitness mats do make everyday stretching exercises much more bearable on the ground, especially if your floor is hard or if your carpet gives you rug burns. Yoga mats enhance the stretching experience and although it may seem odd for first-timers, users will notice how much better it feels to stretch on a yoga mat rather than the on the floor. This is an all-around great gift for anyone on your list.
  • KETTLEBELLS – Kettlebells are often untouched in commercial gyms, but they’re actually really good pieces of exercise equipment. With kettlebells, you imitate the motion of picking up something off the floor. It works the muscles and they require no setup. You could just pick it up off of your coffee table or a nightstand and begin exercising right there and then. 
  • BOXING GLOVES – This gift could be sent to anyone even remotely connected to exercising. Boxing gloves are really fun to mess around with, whether you have a sandbag, a wall (be careful with that), or a sparring partner. These are great for many people



Hopefully, it’ll now be easier for you to choose a gift for someone you care about this holiday season. 

In case any of these don’t satisfy your needs, you can always check our Fitness Expo Store in Baton Rouge or call us at 225-686-5260.