6 Easy Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated for a Workout

6 Easy Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated for a Workout

As The song goes, “Nobody says it was easy”. And exercising is one of them. Working out can be insanely difficult, especially if you don’t have your mind and heart into it. People tend to start their exercise with a motivation and none the next day. It’s a temporary thrill that seems exciting at first but lost its novelty the second.

Motivation starts from within, from you. If you don’t want a sedentary lifestyle anymore, then it’s time to brush up for fitness equipment, put on your best workout clothes, and start stretching.

But why exercising is still insanely difficult?

Being Out of Shape

Walking a short distance, climbing up the stairs, carrying a table—all these activities seem hard work to you because you’re already panting and sweating down to your shirt. Being out of shape is common among a lot of people; a sedentary life is one of the primary culprits. If you spend your time sitting at work, then you’ll most likely be out of shape. What’s more lack of sunlight can wreak havoc on your overall health.

You Don’t Want to Deal with the Pain

Soreness is the first thing you’ll feel once you set your body to work. It’s natural because your muscles are accommodating your movements. The soreness also indicates that you have ‘awaken’ your muscles, and the ligaments are stretching as you make motions with your body. It’s like an engine that has been turned on back again after years of no use.

No one wants to awake the next day feeling that kind of pain, but it shows that you’re making a small progress in taking out your body from a stagnant lifestyle.

You Can’t Stay Consistent

Busy schedules and other factors eat most of your time, and there’s no way to insert your exercise regimen into your timetable. At the end of the day, you shrug your shoulders and say, “What’s the point”?

No Excuses

You want to be healthy and you want to be fit. But there’s no such thing as a shortcut. So get up off your couch and start your fitness session right. Below are the tips and tricks to boost your motivation level.

1. Start with an Exercise Program in Mind

Have a system that you can follow from beginning to end—an exercise program containing workouts, including warm-up exercises. Mix it with cardio, high-intensity exercises, and strength training together, so you won’t fall into the same monotonous rut in one session. You can always look up on the internet for exercise charts as your blueprint to start your own program.

2. A Goal to Keep Your Motivation in Check

Do you want hard rock abs? A strong shoulder that will put Michael Phelps to shame? Or how about slender legs? Take time to think what exactly is your goal on why you’re putting yourself in this regimen in the first place. It can be getting yourself in shape or planning to finally wear that little black dress with confidence.

3. Participate in a Group Fitness

It feels like your first day at school where you meet new people and get to do things you’re both interested in. Plus, you have an instructor to keep your motivations up with words of affirmation. You won’t feel the exhaustion at all!

4. Take Out Your Gear

Invest in some weights to enhance every type of workout. If you’re still a beginner, opt for lighter weights first and slowly make your way to heavier ones. Weights can be used for just about anything from Russian twists to regular squats. If you already have an equipment, make a separate program for it.

5. Jot Down Your Progress

Doing this will give you an overview of how many sets and repetitions you have done in a day. Once you see changes in your body and how it reacts to activities that used to make you easily tired, you will realize that exercising does indeed work wonders for your body and entire health.

6. Make Every Activity into a Workout Routine

Walk your dog in the morning, take the stairs instead of the elevator at work—any of these work your body and muscle groups. Take time to stretch or walk while you’re at work and get as much sunlight as possible. Take a longer route in your office. Make it a point to keep your body moving even if you’re stuck at your desk most of the time.

Staying Motivated is Half the Battle

Motivation can make or break you—it’s up to you on how to maintain it. Being consistent with your exercises is the first step. Take baby steps and before you know it, you will get the results you have wanted. Patience is also the key—progress doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work hard to get want you to want. Push yourself as you venture into more challenging workouts. It’s never too late to get yourself in shape.

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