6 Exercise Equipment for Advanced

6 Exercise Equipment for Advanced

In your fitness journey, you have gone through the clumsy and new world of fitness when you were a beginner then when you were at the intermediate level, you have the basics memorized and were just starting to try out more complicated workouts or equipment, naturally after you are done with those stages you are now at the advanced level.

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At the advanced level, you are now ready for more complex workouts. You are also ready for exercise equipment as your body has matured such as your muscles and strength, endurance and flexibility are now more than ready to take on newer and harder exercise equipment for advanced.

1. Why Buy Exercise Equipment for Advanced People

When you are already at the advanced level you need to move forward and do advanced exercises.

These exercises can sometimes mean using exercise equipment that is built to best fit these exercises so that you can have a full-body workout for you to have increased strength, power, and speed.

These exercise equipment are also equipped with the necessary features in order to have the best results.

They have features that are suited for higher levels of intensity to match your pace and exercise needs.

As an advanced person, you need exercise equipment that not only matches your needs but an equipment that can challenge your skills and level so that you can move up and improve yourself more.

2. What are Some of the Benefits of Buying Exercise Equipment for Advanced People

  1. Achieve Physical Fitness Goals

    First, think about why you are exercising in the first place, what made you start your journey towards a better, healthier you?

    Man doing seated dumbell - Fitness ExpoAs you started your physical fitness journey, you had goals such as more toned muscles, better cardiovascular health, or a more flexible body. Perhaps you started because you had other life goals such as running a marathon or want to have better endurance.

    No matter what your goals are, using the proper equipment that matches your level will be the best option for you.

    Think about this, imagine that you are a master painter and have years of experience in painting and can probably paint anything you wish, you would likely want the best possible materials such as a better quality canvas, brushes, and paint to produce the masterpiece you want.

    If you were a beginner and just starting out, you would use beginner paints and cheaper canvases as you are probably painting and still honing your skill through trial and error.

    It works the same when you exercise, you would want the equipment that matches your skills in order to have the best results to achieve your goals.

  2. Better Workouts

    Woman doing squatting one leg exercise - Fitness ExerciseNot all those who exercise are the same, there may be some who gravitate towards cycling more, others to weight training, others in cardio exercises, and some who enjoy flexibility and core training such as yoga.

    No one wants to have a miserable time when they workout, no one wants to do a workout that they want to do in the first place so buying exercise equipment that is up to your level is the key to have better workouts.

    There are exercise equipment out there that are more suited to advanced levels as the person has already passed the point of basic workouts and would want to focus more on complicated exercises that are suited to their skills and level.

    It is the same for a beginner, they might prefer simple and uncomplicated machines and equipment as they are still starting out and getting to know the machine and their body.

  3. Quality

    The most advanced equipment can sometimes be the one that costs the most. These exercise equipment can have higher costs due to them having advanced features to better suit the level of the person.

    People invest in these equipment as they know that they are paying for high quality, better performance, and great safety features. They know that if they invest, they will have equipment that is durable and something that they can use for a long time.

3. Which Type of Exercises Can be Done on an Advanced Level

  • Moving push-ups
  • High kneeling bicep curls
  • Decline push-ups with toes on the physioball
  • Crunches on the physioball with arms overhead
  • Reverse crunches
  • Press dumbbells during chest presses
  • Sitting down during shoulder presses
  • Frog stretch
  • Single leg plank
  • Hand switches

6 Exercise Equipment for Advanced

  1. Helix H1000 Touch Lateral Trainer
  2. Octane XR6X1 Smart Elliptical
  3. Supra
  4. Echelon Connect EX5S Bike
  5. NordicTrack RW900
  6. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machin

Most advanced users invest in a couple of fitness equipment to aid their workout journey. If you want to do the same, contact and check out our workout machines at Fitness Expo.

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