7 Weight Exercises to Step Up Your Workout Game

7 Weight Exercises to Step Up Your Workout Game

So you bought yourself some new weights and you’re ready to start your exercise program. You are motivated and have enough time to fit your regimen into your otherwise busy schedule. But the question is, what exercise are you supposed to do with your newly-purchased weights?
The first thing you need to do is know what type of workout you want to do, and make sure that you enjoy it. What’s the point of doing this whole fitness shenanigan if you’re not happy about it, right? You may be pumped up to start with more demanding and challenging exercises, but remember that going slow is the key.

Weight exercises target certain parts and muscle groups of our body. Below are the following exercises ideal for both beginners and advanced users.

Low to High Wood chop: This exercise works on upper abs and obliques while keeping your heart rate up. You can use a 10-pound dumbbell for this one or a medicine ball.

Double to Crunch Pulse: This keeps the abs engaged and the weight of the medicine ball or dumbbell puts your abs into high gear and raises the burn. Opt for 5-8 pounds of weight for this workout.

Lying Overhead Reach: This is ideal for abs in a lengthened position as the muscles stabilize your pelvis and ribcage. This is a more challenging move so make sure to take it slow.

Goblet Squat: Perfect for any level, the target your glutes while enhancing both hip and thoracic movement.

Bent Over Row: Want to achieve that V-shaped abs everyone seems to go gaga over? Then try this one out. This exercise targets multiple muscles in your upper body including biceps, lats, rhomboids, and traps.

Two Arm Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift: Getting this workout in your routine ensures that your whole posterior chain is functioning, all the while preventing back and hip injuries. It’s one of the perfect free weight exercises to build up your lower body, sans the injury.

One Arm Swing: It builds muscles in your chain as well as quadriceps, shoulders, and lower back muscles provided that this exercise is done properly.

The Power of Weights

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