8 Easy Home Workout Hacks You Can Do During the COVID-19 Quarantine

8 Easy Home Workout Hacks You Can Do During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Before the COVID-19 health crisis, the usual routine of most fitness enthusiasts is to frequently visit commercial gyms to do daily exercises

But because of policies implemented to combat the virus, the gyms are either closed or open but with a lot of restrictions that you can’t enjoy the sets you usually do.

 And so we are forced to just workout at home, for our own safety. This can be great for a lot of people, but can be a source of stress for some.

But being stressed about not having the equipment at home should not be a big deal because there are some home workout hacks you can do as part of your fitness plan.

Advantages of Training at Home

Home workouts also have a lot of advantages you can be thankful for. 

First, you are safe from contracting the virus outside.

Second is that you are working out in the comfort of your own home. You definitely have control over everything. You can play the songs you want even on speakers.

 Third is that you can save money. You don’t have to pay for expensive gym fees.

 Another great advantage is you can work out anytime at your own pace! Whether you want it longer than usual; be it in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

 And lastly, you have your privacy. Some of us can be a bit shy doing some hard exercises when surrounded by many people. Now that you are working out at home, you can try everything.

Easy Home Gym Workout Hacks for You!

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Whether you are just beginning to do home workout or just want it as a supplement to your gym routines, these hacks are for you.

Setting a workout spot. The first thing you have to do is dedicate a certain space in your own home that you can convert into your workout corner. 

Unless you have your own gym room at home, setting a specific workout spot will help you have a workout mindset even if you are in the comfort of your own home. 

The space you need does not need to be a huge space. A small one wherein you can comfortably move around is more than enough.

Kitchen counter. Your kitchen can be a part of your home workout. Countertops with the “v shape” design can be used to do exercises that will target your arm and chest muscles such as dips. 

Just be sure to secure your hands so it would not slip while touching or gripping the edge of the counter.

Staircase. Another part of the house that can be used for exercise is your staircase. Your stairs are perfect in doing leg workouts like lunges. 

Likewise, push-ups can also be done here if you want to maximize its use. You can even alter the level of difficulty by aiming for higher steps.

Objects as weights. If you don’t have weights such as dumbbells at home, daily objects you use at home can be a great alternative. 

Heavy objects such as water jugs, books, and food cans will work just as well as dumbbells.

Doing household chores. All you need to do is wash the dishes, do laundry or even mop a floor. Who said doing house chores is a bad thing? 

Activities such as sweeping, vacuuming, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, and gardening burn a great amount of calories. 

Well if you sweat out while doing these (possibly) exhausting chores, you are surely working out.

 Do something you enjoy. The thing about working out at home is that you have control of basically everything. 

If you enjoy listening to music on speakers, podcasts, or even watching Netflix shows, you should try doing it while working out. 

Who knows, it will give you the boost you needed.

Maximize the use of the internet. If you are used to having a workout buddy or a crowd of people working out serve as your motivation to grind, a great or even better alternative is the internet. 

You can subscribe to several fitness channels on YouTube and do your routine while watching their exercise videos. 

If possible, you can also join online classes and tutorials on working out.

YouTube alone is chock-full of people who are more than happy enough to create a home exercise video. Fitness influencers such as Chloe Ting and Pamela Reif offer simple workouts that don’t require any equipment.

Yoga after workout. Since you are just at home, pulling out a mat and performing yoga after working out is very easy to do. Yoga can help ease the tension in your muscles from a rigorous workout. 

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It can also help you cool down and relax while enjoying some peace and quiet.

 Home Exercise Doesn’t Need to be Boring

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Working out in your humble abode should be fun. Make use of the things in your house or if you already have an equipment, it’s high time to utilize them.

Resistance bands, medicine balls, mats are some of the best equipment you can use especially if you live in a small space such as an apartment.

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Losing weight or maintaining your body doesn’t need to be done necessarily in a gym. Make sure that you’re constantly armed with motivation to push your body to its limits.

If you’d like to add more equipment into your roster, Fitness Expo has it all from exercise rowers to fitness accessories. 

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