8 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight Even With Diets and Exercise Equipment

8 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight Even With Diets and Exercise Equipment

You’ve started a workout complete with exercise equipment and a diet plan for months now but still you’re hardly losing weight. Wondering why? Here are top 10 reasons why you seem like you are not losing weight at all.

1. You’re being sedentary or not being consistent.
This applies especially for those who work at home. When all you do is sit in front of the computer half of the day and gazing at the TV the rest of it, chances are you’re not going to lose weight. It’s time to acquaint yourself with exercise equipment in the gym.

If you’ve already begun exercising, you’re probably not consistent. You may have broken away from complete inactivity by doing a jogging and a few, but you need to keep it up. Add some variation to your exercises in order for them to work. What makes exercise more effective and helpful is when it’s challenging.

2. You joggle between bingeing and starving.
We’ve heard it before but it’s true: starving is never good for you, even when you’re trying to lose weight. You’ve picked out what not to eat until you’re left mostly with so-called healthy microwave food and supplements. Then when your body complains—usually by unleashing powerful hunger pangs—you gorge yourself on all the food you’ve sworn off.

3. You gained muscle. You lack muscle
Some exercisers freak out when after months of challenging physical training, they find out they gained weight. Exercising develops muscle growth, so the weight you’ve put on is in fact good for you.

Meanwhile, you fail to develop muscle mass when you don’t exercise. In order to burn calories, you need some muscle. Lifting weights using dumbbells or exercise equipment for resistance straining would do you wonders.

4. You don’t watch your portions.
You might exercise regularly but you reward yourself by eating in large portions. If weight gain is your exercise goal, it isn’t really a problem. But if shedding pounds is the target, you need learn to watch your portions. Follow the proper dietary guidelines regarding meal portions.

5. Stress, the worst kind of fat generator.
It’s important to keep our mind as healthy as our bodies. When we undergo stressful events, our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol, which can heighten our appetite and gain us added fat around the midsection. To help eliminate stress, do something enjoyable such as playing sports or relaxing in the spa.

6. It’s in the genes.
You’ve seen your parents deal with weight problems and now you’re dealing with the same as well. Don’t be discouraged. While there are people more predetermined to being extra large, they are not hopeless. You don’t have to whittle down your size. Try to shed off the pounds gradually and you’ll have a better chance at achieving your ideal weight.

7. You’re getting older.
Our bodies’ metabolism slows down as we age. Don’t be surprised if a whole day’s worth of lazing about at home, eating a box of doughnuts, registered a quick 3 pounds a day later. That’s why it’s important to exercise and eat healthier as we get older.

8. You don’t exercise properly.
Sure, you have gym membership or bought exercise equipment to bring home. But if you’re not getting the right amount of cardio or properly execute resistance and weight training exercise, then you’re not going to improve. When we don’t push ourselves beyond the exercise level we’re already comfortable with, our bodies will fall into a fitness plateau.

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