Treadmills: the Precor 9.31 vs. the Vision TF20

Treadmills: the Precor 9.31 vs. the Vision TF20

Elliptical machines are slowly taking over the exercise machine industry in the running and cardio category. However, there are still some die-hard treadmill fans out there. Exercise equipment companies realize they are competing with their own products and are offering treadmills that are super quiet and durable with ultimate shock absorption.

The Precor 9.31
The Precor 9.31 has triangle shaped shock absorbers that adjust their absorption based not only on the user’s height and weight, but the length of the run as well. Another technological advance in the Precor 9.31 is the Integrated Footplant Technology: a sensor in the machine that checks the speed of the motor 710 times per second to match the acceleration and deceleration of the human footstep, thus reducing stress and shock on your joints.

The Precor 9.31 comes with a hefty price tag, but based on any review found online, it is well worth the extra money, because Precor only builds machines that were made to last. You may pay double for a Precor than a lesser quality machine, but the Precor will last 5 times as long.

The Vision TF20
The Vision TF20 Treadmill is another machine that seeks to compete with elliptical while offering treadmill fans what they love the most: a comfortable surface to run. There is a choice of three versions of this folding treadmill; the basic Classic, the mid-range Elegant and the top-price Touch model. The use of high-quality parts ensures a long-lasting life, and a 375lb user capacity means that users of all sizes can use this machine to burn away calories and stay in shape.

The Vision TF20 also comes with an excellent warranty: 5 years on parts, 2 years on labor and a lifetime warranty on frame and motor.

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