A Brief Guide on Single Station Equipment

A Brief Guide on Single Station Equipment

You’re ready to start making changes in your lifestyle–you quit smoking, started eating healthy, and limiting your drinking session to one bottle. Everything’s great and you’re on your way to start your fitness journey.

If it’s your first time to start exercising, you might be overwhelmed by the wide array of fitness machines, as well as your own workout program. Considered to be one of the complicated equipment to figure out, let alone use, is the single station.

What is a Single Station Anyway?

Single stations pertain to machines that are built and designed specifically for one body part or exercise. These machines are often equipped or arranged according to muscle group, so if you want to target, say your biceps, you might opt for a biceps and triceps machines.

If you’re looking forward to strength training, then single stations are ideal for you. They come in different types that target certain muscle groups and tone your body in the process. You can always use multiple machines, based on what muscles you want to target or want to bulk up altogether.

Types of single machines:

Cable machines
Leg machines
Chest and shoulder machines
Biceps and triceps machine
Back and lat machines

Machines for Your Muscles

As mentioned single stations machines are individually designed to target certain parts of your body. You can always isolate your muscle groups by using machines that correspond to them. Let’s say you want to strengthen your legs. Leg machines are the best way to go.This will include leg presses, lying leg curls, hack squats, and leg extensions.

On the other hand, cable machines with weight stacks are great if you’re up for resistance. Plus, they’re easy to train on. No heavy pulling and lugging, just put those weights and you’re good to go. Cable machines can be costly, but they’re worth the investment.

Which One is for Me?

Know what you want to achieve first. Do you want to strengthen your core muscles? Have toned arms and chest? Knowing what you want is the first step to getting to know the single station machine that is right for you.

Chest and Shoulder Machines: Perfect for toning the upper body, particularly the chest and shoulders. Choose from bench presses that don’t require too much work or an arm-level multi-press, if you want to boost your exercise level a little higher.

Biceps and triceps machines: They are ideal alternatives to weights, seeing that you don’t need to lug around heavy equipment to achieve those toned arms. This also happens to be an ideal machine for those who are starting out.

Back and Lat Machines: They come in different styles and functions, and help give your back a strength it deserves. You may have planks to do this whole routine, but a back and lat machine can do so much more. Plus, your back has more advantage in terms of toning and strength unlike going for multiple planks to get the results.

Get Your Own Single Machine Now

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