A Guide To Building The Perfect School Gym

A Guide To Building The Perfect School Gym

Working together as a team is a perfect way to build team spirit and make the team members physically strong for sports competitions. When creating a school gym, one must consider which equipment will provide the best results and promote team unity.

Since the equipment will most likely take a beating from students of all kinds, it is advisable to pick top quality equipment that will last for a long time. Opting for the low-quality school gym equipment can seem to be a good way of cutting costs but if you will have to replace it yearly, you will lose more money in the long run.

Important Considerations When Building A School Gym in Baton Rouge

Regardless of whether you are creating a new facility or upgrading an existing one, ensure that you select equipment that is trusted for durability and performance. It is advisable to choose a reputable company to ensure the quality of gym equipment.

Once you land a specific supplier, ensure that they listen to your needs and budget before allowing them to give you suggestions based on that. You could also opt to brand your school gym and customize the equipment to develop a more welcoming and morale-boosting training facility.

A well-designed gym with proper facilities will not only be used by the students and members of staff but also the wider community to generate income. The overall goal should be to create a multipurpose workout space that will achieve the best results for the students and the local community.

Gym Essentials


Ensure that you invest in the right flooring as it should withstand strenuous physical activities and foot traffic. All the weights, dumbbells and other pieces of equipment will come in contact with the flooring at one point, which is why a proper and sturdy floor should be a priority.

The floor quality and material can limit the types of exercises that can be done on the facility. Your flooring options will depend on how the gym space will be subdivided into different training zones.

Here are some common flooring options and what they can be used for:

  • Rubber floors for sprinting and associated exercises.
  • Mats for mobility exercises.
  • Sturdy flooring for lifting and dropping of weights.
  • Versatile flooring for pulling and pushing kind of exercises.


The choice of gym fitness equipment greatly for your Baton Rouge school gym depends on the space available. If your gym area is relatively small, it is prudent to invest in multipurpose equipment that won’t take up a lot of space but won’t limit the gym users from the kinds of exercises they can partake in. Here are some suggestions:

Suspension Trainers

They come in different brands and can be purchased from about $40. They are just a collection of straps and they can be folded up and kept away in a small package.

They will need to be set on a robust anchor such as a closed door. Some of the exercises that can be done on these trainers include the push up based exercises and pulling routines such as inverted rows. These trainers are some of the most portable training equipment you can ever have. The secret is finding a strong and well-positioned anchor point.


They come in different sets and their cost depends on the weight variations. They do not take up much space but this depends on the number of sets you have.

These sets are perfect for people who wish to partake in weight exercises without having to use the conventional lifts. Some specific routines such as deadlifts and bench presses are perfectly done with dumbbells. One of the greatest challenges you will face when buying these is deciding which weights to buy especially if the budget is limited.


This is a common type of gym equipment designed to give people a good cardio workout through walking, jogging or running. You can get several brands on the market today such as the BH Fitness S1Ti Treadmill. Some of the modern high-end models have enhanced features that will make training sessions better but remember that optimal functionality should be your top priority if you are working on a limited budget.

The other kind of equipment that will give users an intense cardio workout is the stationary bike and you will have to choose between the upright and recumbent ones.

Other cardio fitness equipment to consider:

  • Power racks.
  • Benches.
  • Lifting platforms.
  • Standardized Olympic bars and weights.
  • Technique bars which are simply the lighter version of the Olympic bars and are used for precision lifting.

A complete school gym should have an assortment of gym equipment. If you have limited resources, it is advisable to invest in the multipurpose gym equipment that users can utilize for a wide variety of routines as opposed to the ones that limit them to one or two routines. Some functional equipment such as the kettlebells, battle ropes, and soft plyometric boxes can be used for custom exercise and whole-body routines.

Lastly, if you do not have a lot of knowledge on fitness and gym equipment, ensure that you find a reliable partner who you can rely on for advice and supplies. If you decide to get all your equipment from one supplier, you could bargain for discounts and have the price reduced to enable you to take more equipment and make your gym better. Fitness Expo Stores is one of the best here in the Baton Rouge area.