A Quieter Home Exercise Bike – The Hoist RevMaster Sport Cycle

A Quieter Home Exercise Bike – The Hoist RevMaster Sport Cycle

Are you a member of the Louisiana-Mississippi Bicycle Racing Association (LAMBRA), or do you aspire to be one? Don’t let rainy days go by without training for your cycling goals. You can use an indoor cycle for training, whether you want just to ride a short race like the Alan Kelly Downtown Thibodaux Criterium in August, or to compete in a longer ride such as the 106-mile Rouge-Roubaix XVI Road Race, which occurs in March. Indoor biking gives you the chance to keep up with your cycling regime, regardless of whether daylight hours or weather is cooperating.


Training without the Noise


The Hoist RevMaster Sport Cycle is a quieter option than other stationary bikes because this indoor cycle does not have a chain that makes noise and needs replacement. This cycle from Hoist’s lineup is designed specifically for use in home and light commercial settings, which means that, while it won’t withstand the beating that a bike used for several spin classes a day will, it is still durable enough for your use. This bike is designed to last. It features a Kevlar belt that replaces the standard bike chain, and the brake pads are made to both stop the wheel and add resistance. Their placement on the bike ensures that you get the maximum amount of use from them before they show signs of wear. Curious about the RevMaster? Visit with the experts at Fitness Expo stores to see if this is the best indoor cycle for your home and training regime.


Going from a Road Bike to the RevMaster


Switching your workout from outside to inside does not have to be as difficult as you might imagine. The RevMaster features quick adjustments that can be made in any increment you need for setting the height of the seat or the handlebars. While you cannot use the Hoist Pilot with the RevMaster Sport, the handlebars have a traditional design, which is more similar to the grips on outdoor bikes. If you have a slanted floor, you can adjust the bike to sit level, so you don’t have to worry about rocking. By customizing the fit of your RevMaster Sport, you will get a comfortable ride indoors.