A Wholesale Fitness Equipment You Can Count On

A Wholesale Fitness Equipment You Can Count On

Introducing Fitness Expo – Exercise Machines for Your Residential or Commercial Space

The effectiveness of your home or commercial gym depends almost entirely on your selection of equipment. For those in the market to upgrade or expand their line-up of workout machines, the question that comes up frequently is whether or not they should purchase equipment wholesale or should you go the retail route?

Fitness Expo Stores has created a handy guide on Metairie wholesale exercise equipment, to help you make sense of it all, and find the option that best suits your needs (and wallet). We also have a professional selection of wholesale equipment for you to choose from for your home or commercial gym.

Wholesale and Retail Equipment

To put it simply, wholesale gym equipment is essentially an equipment that is sold in large quantities to wholesalers that sometimes make this equipment available to other businesses at rates below traditional “retail” prices. Retail, on the other hand, means that products are being sold in small quantities, generally direct to the end user or consumer. The wholesaler will sell the products to a retail store or other business, who then sells it to the customer. A wholesaler may also sell products directly to the consumer in some cases as well.

Another significant difference between the two is found in pricing. Wholesale prices will always generally be lower than retail prices. Retailers typically have to factor in many other costs during the course of business, such as the salaries of their employees, their rent and advertisement costs.

Wholesalers have direct relationships with gym equipment manufacturers and purchase products directly from them, cutting out the “middleman” and resulting in better deals. The retailer typically has no such relationship.

Who is Wholesale Best Suited For?

Since wholesale equipment is sold in bulk, it makes sense that facilities that require large numbers of gym fitness equipment would prefer this method of business. Think: gyms, fitness studios, athletic facilities, school or university gyms, community center gyms, etc. Equipment quality and diversity of products are other benefits to purchasing wholesale.

The Horizon Elite R7 has built-in speakers and a water bottle holder, making the perfect choice for group sessions.

Choosing the Right Wholesale Gym Equipment

The vast majority of commercial gym users are visiting your facility because they want a great workout. Your equipment must enable them to get the most effective workout possible. If you purchase inferior equipment or the wrong types of equipment for the facility, you run the risk of losing their business.

Likewise, consumer feedback generally shows that high quality, up to date and diverse ranges of fitness equipment are all primary factors in how much they will pay for a membership to such a facility as well as the duration of their time as a member.

Equipment Cost – we’re not all made of money

Look beyond the ticket price and calculate the lifetime cost of each piece of equipment you purchase. Lifetime cost incorporates multiple factors such as resale value, maintenance and size. For instance, the Metairie new exercise equipment can have a large up-front investment cost, but if selected wisely, will continue to pay for itself over the long haul.

Resale Value – a legitimate consideration

Commercial gym machines fall under the high use category, which means you will be upgrading your equipment frequently. Once the equipment is ready to be swapped out, you can either sell it used or trade it in.

Maintenance – what’s necessary?

The more maintenance the equipment requires, the more it will cost you in the long-term. More technological pieces of equipment, such as those with electronics and moving parts will cost more to maintain. You can assume that you will be paying more to maintain equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines compared to workout benches and weight racks.

Size – a critical consideration

Think of each piece of equipment as a piece of real estate. Functional trainers are amazing but they take up a great deal of space. You want your members to get the most effective workout possible, while taking up the least amount of space. The more space you need to store the equipment, the more you will be paying to manage the space.

Types of Equipment – variety is the spice of life

The type of gym equipment you will need will largely depend on what kind of consumers you want to attract. Gyms that attract professional bodybuilders tend to focus more on acquiring strength-training equipment such as dumbbells, benches and squat racks. Fitness clubs will likely have more pieces of equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, functional trainers and kettlebells.

It’s certainly possible to offer a mix of equipment types, but floor space will play a major role in determining which products make the most sense for your facility.

Equipment Quality – it matters

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for with wholesale gym equipment. People who are purchasing equipment for a commercial gym have different priorities than people who are purchasing equipment for a home gym. Retailers understand that equipment in a home gym will probably need to be moved around or stored when not in use. They may stress the fact that their equipment is lightweight, portable, can be folded up, etc. But lighter equipment would be a bad purchase for a commercial gym because it’s less durable.

This MI7 Functional Training System by Hoist is sleek and efficient; ideal for any home or commercial gym.

Brand Names – come with authority

Brand names can be helpful because they are typically manufacturers that have built a reputation over time. Some brands cater to the retail market, as they are aimed at consumers who are setting up a home gym. Professional-grade gym equipment brands may not be as well known, because they are geared towards gym owners rather than the average mainstream consumer.

Ready to Talk to a Wholesale Specialist Today?

At Fitness Expo, we specialize in providing quality wholesale equipment on the market, to other businesses and direct to consumer. If you’re interested in learning more about the options available, financing plans or simply want to check out our products, give us a call or stop by today. Our expert team is ready to help. Feel free to drop by our stores in Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Kenner, Metairie, and Jackson in the Mississippi area.