Abs Coaster Reviews: Building Toned Abs Using the Ab Coaster

If you want to have the perfect six-pack tummy, then do yourself a favor and take a look at the revolutionary abdominal exercise machine called the Ab Coaster. This exercise machine is perfect for people who want to work out their core muscles but find traditional abdominal exercises such as crunches, leg raises, and sit-ups, very difficult or almost impossible to do. In fact, the internet is full of positive Ab Coaster Reviews which, for the most part, state that the Ab Coaster is the best way to get a toned and a more pronounced abdomen without putting so much stress or force on the upper part of the body such as the neck, the shoulders, and the back.

Ab Coaster Reviews also explain that the exercise machine provides a good stomach work-out from the bottom up by allowing the users to almost effortlessly perform hanging leg raises, an abdominal exercise which helps build up a muscular midsection. Doing the hanging leg raises necessitate a lot of upper body strength thus not everyone can do this exercise without difficulty. But with the Ab Coaster, anyone can work-out the abdominal muscles and experience the repeated abdominal contraction as though doing the hanging leg raises exercises but without the unnecessary stress or pain.

The Ab Coaster is 70-pound exercise machine that is made from high-grade industrial-strength steel materials. Ab Coaster Reviews claim that, although the model style might differ, the Ab Coaster for home use and the Ab Coaster for commercial use are both highly efficient and very durable. The Abs Coaster features:

  • a solid and well-made frame
  • A sophisticated design which allows for easy set-up, transfer, and storage.
  • adjustable seating positions
  • a digital monitor to observe progress
  • high user weight capacity of 350 pounds
  • modifiable resistance – with the addition or removal of weight plates

Using the Ab Coaster is simple and fun. Just position the knees on the kneepads and hold on to the handle bars. Both the kneepads and the handle bars are cushioned for the comfort of the user. Then just pull the knees upward and roll through the rounded track of the exercise machine. This pulling motion first targets the lower part of the abdomen, and then gradually works out the middle part and upper part of the abdomen. The result is a series of repetitive abdominal contraction, which in time produces a leaner and more toned abdomen.

Many Ab Coaster Reviews also say that the Ab Coaster is the ideal exercise machine for just about any user, whether the user is an experienced gym-goers or a beginner. The Ab Coaster helps the user have stronger and sexier abs in a faster, more secure, and painless manner.  Moreover, the Ab Coaster gives a more intensive work-out as compared to the other abdominal exercises such as doing crunches or doing sit-ups so the user not only strengthens abdominal muscles but also burns fat and loses weight.
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