Add a New Cardio Machine to Your Workout

Add a New Cardio Machine to Your Workout

Is doing the same workout routine becoming boring? If you are looking to add a bit of variety to your workout, adding a new machine could help bring back the enthusiasm for staying in shape. Fitness Expo Stores can help you to select the machine that is just right for you. Here are a few suggestions.




If you are looking to build endurance with a cardio workout, a treadmill can provide the boost that you are looking for. With models that offer customizable user profiles and multiple preset exercise workouts, there will be plenty of variety in your daily workout. In addition, you can also adjust the incline and speed to make your workouts more challenging as you become fitter.




The elliptical is an excellent machine to add to your fitness routine. The elliptical offers a low-impact alternative to the treadmill. In addition, you may also get a better cardio workout from an elliptical thanks to the fact that both your lower and upper body are in motion while you exercise.

Elliptical trainers also offer customizable exercise programs that will allow you to adjust the resistance of the machine for a more challenging workout. In addition, some machines will also allow you to use them in reverse mode, which increases the challenge of the exercise machine.


Adaptive Motion Trainer


If both of these options sound good, Precor currently offers a machine known as an Adaptive Motion Trainer that can help you to get the range of exercises that you can perform on both a treadmill and an elliptical trainer. In addition, the design allows for the natural transition of movement, making for a smoother workout.


An AMT works by allowing you to change your stride and exercise freely because it can automatically adjust to your changing motions. With this feature, the complexity of the workout program is limited only by your training regime. You can have the ability to walk, jog, skate and more with an AMT.


The best part about all of these options is that there are fairly compact. Fitness Expo Stores even offers several models of folding treadmills that can be folded and packed away when not in use. With the elliptical trainer and adaptive motion trainer, you now have the ability to build up your strength and endurance faster than ever thanks to the intelligent designs and exercise programs.


If you need assistance with selecting the best fitness machine to add to your workout routine, Fitness Expo Stores can help.