The Advantages of Using an Adaptive Motion Trainer from Precor

Get the maximum benefit from your home exercise machine with a Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer. The innovative design of these advanced machines gives you the freedom to alter your exercise routine on the fly by adapting almost intuitively to your body’s own movements. Combining the benefits of an elliptical cross trainer, a stair climber and allowing the full range of movement from walking, running and even deep lunges, these amazing machines provide a comprehensive total body workout and still retain the low impact benefits of a standard elliptical trainer.

Taking customized workouts beyond the capabilities of any other exercise machine on the market, the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer allows you to easily adjust your leg movements while you are working out, so that no two routines are the same. This unparalleled freedom of motion even allows you to monitor your leg movements in real time so that you can quickly and easily adapt your workout routine to focus on exactly those areas that you want to tone or shape the most. The dual plane of motion permits you to go beyond what you thought possible in building your fitness while burning more calories than other kinds of exercise machines.

Let one of our experienced and qualified showroom staff show you all of the features of this innovative and award-winning exercise machine, so that you can be sure to get the maximum benefit from using the unique adaptive motion while you learn about your specific body geometry and how it reacts to different variations in movement. The top quality construction that allows Precor to provide a lifetime warranty on the frame, and the welds will give you the confidence to really push yourself, confident that the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer will continue to perform at its peak regardless of how hard you want to push yourself. Each machine comes with an intuitive program console that gives users easy and direct access to all of the features while you work out, reducing the time spent setting up your routines and maximizing the benefits that you derive from this innovative exercise machine.