The AMT 835 – Every Workout in One Place

The AMT835 with Open Stride Adaptive Motion Trainer by Precor is an incredible, multipurpose machine that combines the best elements of elliptical and stair-stepping machines to give you an incredible, full body workout in one simple to use the machine.

No matter what race you’re training for, the AMT 835 will help you get there. The Amedysis Mardis Gras 1 mile fun run? You’ll be ready for it. The Lundi Gras 6 Mile Bar a Thon? You’ll be ready for that too. Maybe you’re training for the Wall Mardis Gras 30k race. The adaptive stride length of the AMT will have you ready for every kilometer.

The key to the AMT is the word adaptive. Without having to do any adjustments to the machine itself, you can change the type of workout you’re doing. Grip the fixed handlebars, and you can do a stair-stepping workout to improve leg muscles like the glutes, hip muscles, and calves. Whatever the length of your stride, the AMT adjusts to it. Shorter strides help build up the strength in your calves, adding some strength to your quadriceps. Move to the middle stride length to emphasize focus on your jogging muscles, the hamstrings, and glutes in particular. Then you can break out into a full long-stride run, powering all your leg muscles without any of the impact on your joints that outdoor running will impose. There are also other features of the adaptive motion trainer that go beyond growing muscle; this includes allowing paraplegics to their improve mobility.

The AMT gives you extensive feedback options to monitor your progress. Hand-grip heart rate monitors are only the start. A stride dial shows the length of your stride so you can develop a consistent pace for each exercise. Feedback includes information on which muscle groups you are targeting, making specific, focused exercises easier than ever. Control is completely in your hands, with Motion Control resistance adjustments easy to make on the fly, holding down a simple button. Want more fitness equipment from the brand? These top three Precor exercise machines might be your next go-to machine.

With stores throughout Louisiana, such as the stores in Kenner, Metairie, Mandeville, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport, or the store in Jackson, Mississippi, shoppers in the south, such as Fitness Expo can easily find out about the Adaptive Motion Trainer. Well-trained staff knows how body mechanics work, meaning that they can help you tailor your use of the machine to your particular needs.