For A More Attainable Fitness Goal, Reinforce Your Diet With Exercise

For A More Attainable Fitness Goal, Reinforce Your Diet With Exercise

We may start on a diet plan, but sticking to it can be quite a challenge when we lack the resolve and reinforcement. It’s hard to lose weight or opt for a healthier lifestyle because we may have already slipped into unhealthy habits (eating beyond recommended proportion) and potentially dangerous comfort zones (sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activities, sleep deprivation).

That’s why exercise is an essential companion to any kind of diet plan. But because of a busy, fast-paced lifestyle, many heavily rely on diets to shed the extra pounds. Going to the gym alone can be discouraging with road traffic and lines to an exercise machine to consider.

So many begin a promising diet regimen, only to give up midway after hunger pangs and a weakened physique leave them spiraling down into binge-eating and self pity.

But if exercise, one can realistically achieve weight loss goals, not to mention maintain a healthy, great-looking body. One doesn’t even need to go to the gym. Jogging 30 minutes to an hour a day can be a good cardio workout. Inside the house you can do stationary exercise that can target different muscle groups. Lunges, sit-ups, pull-ups and aerobics are only a few of the options. A complete aerobics exercise can make the body burn calories for up to 8 hours.

Also, you can bring the gym home. You can get exercise equipment that can be easily store and bring the same benefits of other gym equipment.

Get an exercise mat and ball
Exercise mats can be the most affordable and portable equipment you can own. You can use it for doing crunches and lift-weights, stretching and yoga.

For optimum results, perform your stationary exercise moves on an exercise ball. A wider range of movement allows you to target more areas in your body.

Get a foldable treadmill or exercise bikes
Treadmills are one of the most essential exercise equipment. It provides a great, low impact cardio workout that tones leg muscles and improve your heart rate. You can get an ergonomically designed and space-friendly treadmill or foldable exercise bike. After thirty minutes of running or riding, you can fold the fitness equipment and slide it under the med, or place it in a broom closet.

Get dumbbells, free weights, and/or weight lifting benchesTo increase strength and gain muscle mass, you need weight training equipment. Dumbbells are the handiest and most space friendly equipment you can bring home. Get one in 3 or 4 weights that you can alternately use. You may also get medium-sized barbells with adjustable free weights. And to help you get the best exercise positions, secure a quality weight lifting bench. Chose one that you can easily fold and store away.

Get a home gym
For a complete workout that provides flexibility and muscle tone, you need resistance training. Home gyms are the best resistance training equipment.  You can get portable home gyms that can be easily sored in a slender box and be unfolded in time for workout. Choose one that comes with foldable components, with cords and crews you can adjust for storage. You can use the home gym in the living room or in your bedroom and stash it away when you’re done.

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