How to Get a Beach Ready Body on the Treadmill

How to Get a Beach Ready Body on the Treadmill

Summer is here and the living is supposed to be easy. Some people dread summer because it is swimsuit season. Treadmill workouts give you the beach ready body you want to feel confident and carefree. Get a better body by working out on the treadmill in the comfort of your own home.

Interval Training on the Treadmill
A treadmill workout does not have to be boring or repetitive. Mix up your workout and derive maximum benefits through interval training. Use a treadmill to intermittently walk, jog and run for cardiovascular and physical improvements. Interval training is one of the best ways to get a beach ready body.

Use a Treadmill to Gauge Your Progress
Our line of Precor treadmills have the capability of tracking your progress, including your heart rate and calories burned. A treadmill also offers statistics so you are inspired to take your workout that extra mile. Even if you use a pedometer while walking, a treadmill makes it easier to maintain a steady pace and build up your speed each day. Gauge your progress and keep striving to do better.

Make the Most of Your Workout Time
Whether you have fifteen minutes or an hour, a treadmill makes the most of your workout time. You can adjust the speed and create hills our Pacemaster treadmills to get a more challenging workout in a shorter period of time. If you have more time, include intervals to maximize your treadmill workout. Always remember to include a warm up and cool down period, even if you work out for just ten or fifteen minutes.

Pump Up the Jams While You Workout
Listen to music to make your workouts more fun. An upbeat song helps you walk faster during the high points of your treadmill routine. Use a slower paced song during warm-ups and cool-downs to encourage you to moderate your pace. Music can motivate, soothe and keep you going for a longer period of time on the treadmill.

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