Benefits of AMT for Core Training

Benefits of AMT for Core Training

The applications of adaptive motion trainer (AMT) give it an edge over other cardio machines like ellipticals.

Back in the day, training our core meant doing crunches and planks for abdominal muscles all the time.

But experts have concluded that you can train the core muscles with more than focused abdominal training.

The AMT is proving to be one way to do so and is possibly the best core training machine on the market.

Building Your Core

precor workouts - Fitness ExpoYour core muscles are responsible for stabilizing and strengthening important parts of your body.

They protect your spine and pelvis. Your core helps you achieve balance while building the strength of the entire body.

Many fitness experts recommend starting with calisthenics or bodyweight exercises.

It puts less strain on your body, as you’re not dealing with weights and can adjust accordingly.

Another way to start building your core is through an AMT. The trick with these machines is to start slow with light resistance and work your way up.

As you continue to train your core, you will strengthen it, leading to better posture and stronger muscles.

The fastest way to gain core strength is to incorporate dedicated core training into your fitness routine.

Using an AMT for a dedicated core session is something you can add to your workout.

Another way to enhance your workouts is to focus on your core when resistance training. In doing so, you work out your core muscles as you’re working out others.

The Benefits of Core Exercises

Over time, core exercises will make it easier for you to do many tasks.

Many trainers recommend it, as it provides so many benefits to the body. These include:

  • Improved breathing
  • Flatter stomach
  • Teaches muscles to work and rely on each other
  • Aligns the spine
  • Helps prevent injury

We often train the core to near failure. Afterward, you should allow your muscles to recover.

This recovery time depends on your body and your amount of training.

Some will take days, while others can take a week before they can train the core again.

The 5 AMT Basic Core Exercises

cardio trainer - Fitness ExpoAccording to Precor, part of the AMT’s design is to accommodate core conditioning.

You can set up the machine in such a way that it can focus on different types of training.

More: Check out these Precor workouts.

Functional core exercises help you with your daily tasks while also improving posture and strength.

This feature makes it versatile compared to many other cardio machines.

Here are some basic exercises you can do:

  1. Balancing: In this exercise, only use your feet, and your hands should be crossed at the chest. You level the pedals and stabilize them, balancing yourself. The unstable environment trains your core, and it helps you develop your center.
  2. Heel drop: Maintaining the same position as balancing, you drop one foot down, putting yourself in a step position. Then using your other heel, you push down until you can balance the pedals once more. Repeat the step with the other heel.
  3. Isometric Plank: Instead of performing your plank on the floor, you can use the pedals. The unstable pedals help challenge your core. This workout not only strengthens the upper body, but it also the core as well.
  4. Pedal Press: Similar to the heel drop, you can then place one arm down. Push through your other hand’s palm until you regain an equal level. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Parallel Pedal Slide: While maintaining the isometric plank, try to move the pedals as far as they can from each other. Having a proper form while doing so will focus the workout on the core.

These exercises also work other muscles apart from the core. You build arm and leg strength as well as shoulder stability.

Strengthen Your Core at Home

AMTs are becoming one of the primary options for home machines. It gives you all the benefits of cardio machines like the treadmill or elliptical plus more.

The bonus is that it gives you enough flexibility to do functional exercises and work out your core.
Having the extra resistance will help enhance your workouts.

One way to use an AMT is to apply core exercises while using it. You can also try plank variations like using leg lifts or plank twists while trying to maintain balance.

You can also use your core while using the machine during cardio. As you are striding or climbing, engage the core muscles to work them out even as you do other movements.

Whether you’re a novice or veteran, using an AMT will level up your fitness routine. It is a cardio trainer and core training machine wrapped up in one.

Want to know more about AMTs? Check out Fitness Expo. We offer a variety of exercise machines perfect for any workout. Contact us today!

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