Best Brands of Fitness Equipment for Gyms

Best Brands of Fitness Equipment for Gyms

When stocking up on gym equipment for your gym or fitness studio you want to make sure the brands that you buy and display have a reputation that you want to be associated with your own brand and business. 

Nobody goes to the gym to work on sub-par equipment and if you want to be competitive you need the name recognition that the best and most trusted gym equipment brands can bring to the table. 

We’re here to help you get familiar with the current hottest and most popular gym equipment brands and give you a basic understanding of their selling points and why people generally prefer them over the competition.

The brands that we will be going over are:

  • Precor
  • Life Fitness
  • StairMaster

The Best Gym Equipment Brands in Metairie


Precor is an industry leader in manufacturing high end and affordable commercial gym equipment with attention for ergonomic and natural movement for their cardio machines make them some of the best elliptical manufacturers in the industry. 

In fact, all of their cardio machines are competitive when it comes to the top of the line features from their durable and highly customizable and programmable treadmills, cycles and climbers. Their affiliation with Amer Sports only gives more credit to their name as Amer is one of the leading sports equipment companies.

The motors in Precor treadmills are self-cooling and made to the highest industry standards making them a smart investment for gyms to set up their treadmill lineup with durable long-lasting machines that will last longer and need less maintenance than the competition.

Precor overall has the edge of having been making high-end equipment since the 80s and beyond their absolutely knockout good cardio equipment they’ve attached their brand name to benches, power racks and other strength training stations that take their ingenuity and applies it into making gorgeous, ergonomic and above all else durable and long-lasting stations that your gym-goers will appreciate.

Life Fitness

Life fitness started in 1968 with the development of an exercise bike by Keene P. Dimick who wanted to improve and develop his own physical health. 

This invention inspired the pair of entrepreneurs Augie Nieto and Ray Wilson to create Life Fitness with their first and most well-known item becoming the Life Cycle

The Life Cycle was built and distributed for the purpose of helping trainers, athletes and even normal people live healthier and more fulfilling lives with ergonomic and easy to access cardio exercise equipment. 

Being an ancient in gym equipment developer years Life Fitness has had decades to improve on and further develop their Life Cycle with modern inventions to keep it a top of the line cardio machine to compete with all the younger competition on the market. 

They’re not a one-trick pony and have long since branched out into other cardio equipment like ellipticals and treadmills which they’ve been perfecting just like their first major line the Life Cycle.

But that’s not all Life Fitness has to offer, they’ve developed the sub-brand Hammer Strength which is now a 25-year-old strength training titan of a brand made to take the punishment that the most rugged of physical trainers can deal out and keep ongoing. 

The Hammer Strength line is one of the most sought outlines of equipment for gym-goers looking to take their physique to higher and higher peaks and take their performance to the next level.


If you’re looking to court an audience of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) enthusiasts then StairMaster is truly the brand to do it with

Launched in 1983, they’ve been a leading brand in making and innovating new ways to get hearts racing and sweat flowing with extreme but ergonomic and comfortable workouts (Well, comfortable for the joints anyways). 


If you’re looking to climb your way to the top of your local competition, then StairMaster is a must-have when it comes to that regular pre-work or post-work HIIT focused members who really want to maximize their cardio time. 

This group can be of a huge benefit to the stability and profitability of your gym as they typically only work out a couple of times a week for short-bursts giving you regular activity, loyal subscriptions and not leaving your gym floor regularly clogged up by the same few loyalists and give you room to grow.

If you’re looking at expanding the equipment on hand at your gym or studio in the Metairie area then look here for local top of the line brands like those mentioned above but not limited to just them.