Best Gym Equipment for Chest Exercises to Build Pectoral Muscles

Best Gym Equipment for Chest Exercises to Build Pectoral Muscles

The ideal male body includes a muscular, wide chest that improves posture, and that makes you look taller.  

Not to mention that it is considered a symbol of strength among bodybuilders.  

But huge pectoral muscles do not just grow from nowhere.  

If you want the coveted V-shaped torso, you will need to challenge all of your chest muscles with gym equipment for chest exercises to build those pecs.

Strong pectoral muscles are not only beneficial for men but for women as well since it is part of bodybuilding and fitness.  

A workout should include a chest workout plan that would contribute to overall health and fitness that gives more strength and flexibility.

Chest Workout Machines

More growth potential of your pectoral muscles will come with overloading your chest muscles from exercising with chest workout machines.  

These gym chest machines help balance the load of the weight and keep your muscles on the right path of motion.  

You get more constant tension and burn, too.  

Here are the best chest exercise machines that you can use for your chest workout routine

Chest Press Machines

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Seated Chest Press Machine

This gym chest machine’s price is $480.00.  It is the alternative version of the lying down bench presses and is recommended for beginners.  Its outstanding features include:

  • Adjustable seat that is comfortable and smooth
  • Arms attached to weight-bearing loads
  • Cables that can stand 300 kg of weights

Horizontal or Chest Bench-Press Machine

Build your upper body strength with this chest workout equipment on your pectoral and triceps exercises.  This is a variant of the seated chest press machine that concentrates on the horizontal flexion of the shoulder.

The bench chest press is considered the king of all upper body exercises, performed while lying face-up on a flat bench involving the triceps, the front deltoid, upper and lower back muscles, and traps.

Pec Deck Machine or Chest Flye Machine 

This chest workout machine costs $500-$630.  It is a weight machine that works on squeezing the chest muscles together to activate the muscles in the upper chest.  Its primary target muscle is the pectoralis major.  Check out the highly recommended XtremepowerUS pec-deck machine that is easy to use and install.  Its features include:

  • A platform where you sit
  • Weights attached
  • Two arms or levers that you pull together

Cable Crossover Machine

It is one of the most versatile chest workout machines that you can even install at home.  

This machine can hold constant tension in training your pectoral muscles for greater strength and allows a wide and angular motion of hands. 

Because of its versatility, you can take advantage of its variety of attachments that provides a wide range of exercises that you can perform.  

This gym chest machine consists of:

  • Two vertical stands with cables and adjustable pulleys (according to height) attached to it
  • Adjustable weights attached to the pulleys
  • Portable Chest Exercise Machine that can be dismantled and moved to a different place
  • Different options for grips that come with cable handles, ankle strap, chin-up handles and collars

Free Weights

Pectoral muscle training with free weights can be done on a flat bench or an incline bench.  

These workouts maximize the range-of-motion of the shoulder and help build pectoral muscles.


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Dumbell training offers a lot of versatility in training and building pectoral muscles.  

It doesn’t take up much space and you don’t need a fancy gym membership to get its benefits.  

Dumbbell training like dumbbell bench press cures strength imbalances because it exercises limbs independently.


A barbell routine including barbell bench press can be very helpful in a chest workout plan with basic exercises that are among the best in building muscle mass in your chest.  

Try this Troy Barbell USA 6 Sided Rubber Hex Dumbbells.

With more power required for barbell exercises, you will get stronger over time.   Developing strength will result in a gain in muscle mass because of the high percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers that are involved in this powerful training.

Chest Workout Plan

The pectoral muscles are four large paired muscles that create a large chest plate protecting the rib cage and functions for the smooth movement of the upper limbs.  

To really target these muscles, determine a chest workout plan as part of your fitness goal.  

While you can work out chest muscles without weights, it is important to consider that gym equipment for chest exercises can help you avoid muscle imbalances and prevent injuries.

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