Best Home Fitness Equipment – Ab Machines

Best Home Fitness Equipment – Ab Machines

A common concern among people wanting to lose weight is the excess fat in their abdomen. Some people succeed at toning their abs through crunches and sit-ups, but others prefer to use equipment to help them stave off the weight. Below are some of the most recommended fitness equipment that can be used at home to attain washboard abs:

1. Ab Roller
Distinguished by its sleek handles, the ab roller has evolved into different designs, all of them set on the ground during workouts. Some versions have armrests and foot stands to support the user.Other models may also have places where weights can be added. This portable fitness equipment is perfect for home use, toning the rectus abdomens muscle as well as the internal and external oblique muscles.

2.Ab Wheel
Literally a single, heavy wheel with handles, the Ab Wheel is small, compact and inexpensive. Facing the ground, the exerciser rolls this device inward and outward, putting tension on the torso, arms and legs. Exercises using this apparatus also challenge the pelvis and tone the buttocks. Although commonly used on a flat horizontal surface, the Ab Wheel can also be used in an incline.

3. Rowing Machine
Ergo-meters or modern indoor rowers have flywheels with braking mechanisms, foot stretchers and horizontal rails under their seats. The force exerted by pulling the handles attached to flexible cords or chains creates tension not only in the limbs but in the lower abs as well. Regular routines using this fitness equipment home appliance often take 20 to 40 minutes.

4. Captain’s Chair
Knee raises using the captain’s chair, a type of fitness equipment home appliance whose, is a popular way to tone the obliques and rectus abdomens. Also called a power tower or knee raise machine, this apparatus induces movement in the hips and torso as the user leans on the arm rests or lifts the legs.

5. Hanging Ab Straps
Leg raises can also be performed with the help of hanging ab straps to strengthen the lower abs. This accessory is ideal for exercisers who have difficulty maintaining their grip on pull-up bars. With the ab straps supporting the arms, knee wipers as well as single and double knee alternating twists can easily be performed.

6. Exercise Ball
Popular among boxing professionals, exercise balls or medicine balls are light and less expensive than other ab exercise equipment. Basic workouts involve lying on top of the ball while performing twists, reverse curls, crunches and other abdominal exercises. More intensive routines entail bouncing the ball on the abdomen to strengthen it.

7. Hyper Extension Board
This equipment’s main feature is a board inclined at 45 degrees. To work the abdominal obliques, the exerciser can lean on the board to stretch the muscles, bending at different directions. Otherwise known as a Roman chair, it toughens the pelvis, hip flexors and rectus abdominis. Although not as portable as other ab-toning instruments, the hyper extension board can be used to perform many different exercises.

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