Best Leg and Arm Machines in Shreveport

Best Leg and Arm Machines in Shreveport

There are dedicated workouts focused on legs and arms. This is because when you exercise these limbs, they usually end up helping out the areas around it and your core as well. 

In this post, we’ll talk about the best arm and leg machines available in Shreveport.


  • POWERBLOCK SET 70 STAGE 1, 5-40 LBS – While this isn’t a machine, it’s still a wonderful tool to have in the house. Powerblock has constructed easily one of the best dumbbell systems on the market as it not only saves space but allows you to work with a wide range of weights. There are dozens of configurations available, which will let you easily work on both cardio, cutting, and strength training depending on your personal needs. 


  • WATERROWER M1 HIRISE ROWING MACHINERowers are some of the best-designed exercise machines around. They balance both ease of use and functionality. One of the better reasons that rowers like the M1 Hirise rowing machine are excellent for working out your arms is that they give you a cardio-based pulling motion, which isn’t very common among exercise machines that can easily fit in your home. 


  • INSPIRE FITNESS Ft1 FUNCTIONAL TRAINERFunctional trainers can train and tone almost every muscle group. It usually extends to the abdominals as well. This machine is designed for residential use. It is maintenance-free as possible and it features easy to pull grips and cable pulley systems designed for all users. There are over 40 different exercises possible with this machine, easily making it a top choice for using at home.



  • STAIRMASTER 8 FREECLIMBER – Those looking for an engaging, high-intensity workout for their legs can’t go wrong with the Stairmaster 8 Freeclimber. The motion from this machine and other climbers helps target every part of the users’ legs and engages parts of the core. While this machine is useful for building natural strength, Stairmasters are much more popular for their uses in toning users’ legs and rear while building endurance. Among the varied workout programs accessible through the machine’s touch screen control panel, users can choose options like fat burner, random intervals, calorie burner, heart rate zone trainer, and more. 
  • HOIST HF4357 LEG PRESS HACK COMBO – For true strength building in your legs, the Hoist HF4357 Leg Press Hack Combo is easily one of the best pieces of fitness equipment you’ll ever use. Unlike traditional free weight leg presses, this leg machine has far less risk for injury due to improper lifting. With the possible weight range going from 85 to 720 pounds, depending on the type of plates you use, this Hoist leg press is useful for toning, cardio, strength training, and muscle growth. 
  • OCTANE XR4 – Octane makes an authentic biking experience with their XR4, while still having extremely smooth and comfortable movements. This recumbent bike also allows for a wide variety of resistances and positions and offers movable grips. Similar to elliptical machines in the way it moves, the Octane XR4 lets users achieve a nearly full-body workout from a comfortable seated position. This makes it a good choice for those who might have physical limitations but want to keep up with their fitness. 
  • PRECOR AMT865 – Precor’s line of adaptive motion trainers are highly regarded among the workout and fitness communities. With a number of settings available, users can target nearly any muscle group in their calves, thighs, hips, buttocks, and lower abs. This makes it especially adept in helping users burn fat and tone their legs to perfection. Those settings also make this one of the most adaptable machines in the fitness industry as they allow for walking, running, and climbing with the Precor AMT865. 


Now that you know what your best options are for exercising your most important limbs, come on down to Fitness Expo in Shreveport and find the right fitness gym equipment today.