The Best Recumbent Bikes for Seniors

The Best Recumbent Bikes for Seniors

Growing old will mean that you would have to give up a lot of rigorous activity. You might be bemoaning about your arthritic knees, but there are many physical activities you can do!

Staying active and fit is still a must for senior citizens but there would be limited mobility now.

Activities like running or lifting heavy weights are out of the window.

All other high-impact workouts and routines would bring more harm than good.

But, there is no need to worry about how the elderly can continue staying active.

A recumbent bike is a piece of workout equipment that will fit seniors and elderly people.


Here are the best recumbent bikes for seniors (and even younger ones alike!)

Different Types of Exercise Bikes For Seniors and Elderly

Aging shouldn’t be a reason to stop exercising and staying active.

Recumbent bikes are perfect even for the most senior member of your family!


Stationary Recumbent Bike

Like how the name suggests, this recumbent bike stays in place as you use it.

This makes biking easy and possible even inside the comfort of your home.
This way you would not have to miss your cardio workouts.
You can even place your recumbent bike in front of your TV so you can still watch your TV shows while exercising.


Outdoor Recumbent Bike

If you are still confident in your outdoor biking skills, you can use these kinds of recumbent bikes.

This will work on flat bike paths or trails. Seniors who need to combine working out with enjoying the fresh air will enjoy these bikes.


Folding Recumbent Bike

Want a stationary recumbent bike but short on space at home?

A folding recumbent bike will solve that! Its great feature is that you can fold it and store it after use so it will not be in the way of other activities in your house.

Keep in mind though that most folding bikes are more lightweight and might not hold out on too much weight.


Our Choice For The Best Recumbent Bikes For Seniors

There is no doubt that working out on recumbent bikes suits seniors and elderly people.

Harvard Health Publishing says that it helps in building endurance and heart health, strengthening hip and leg muscles, plus it works for those with joint pain.


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If you are not sure which recumbent bike you should get, we can help you with potential bikes to choose from.


Our recommendations are based on qualities we believe that a recumbent bike:

  • Comfort and safety features
  • Resistance levels
  • Display console
  • Convenience features
  • Tolerable noise levels

Marcy Recumbent ME-709

The features of the Marcy Recumbent ME-709 makes it perfect for seniors.

It does a good job of making sure that it would be easy for mounting and dismounting. Every part of the bike gives extra support for elderly users.

The seat has comfortable padding which would not become a bother even after hours of sitting.

The seat and handlebars have great foam so it follows the contours of the body.

The pedals also have a weighted design.

When it comes to resistance, there are 8 resistance levels you can set due to the magnetic resistance settings.

A display console shows large, visible numbers for information like speed, time, distance, and calories.


Schwinn 270 (MY17)

This recumbent bike boasts many unique features that other brands do not have.

It is set for Bluetooth connectivity and through this, you can also sync the bike to the Schwinn Trainer app or other fitness apps.

When it comes to resistance, you can use 25 different levels of resistance instead of the standard 8 levels.

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The bike also has 29 workout programs that can be followed.

You can also enhance the workout sessions with the media shelf for electronics, speakers with an MP3 port, and a fan.

The seat is also padded and can be adjusted. It can also carry up to 325 pounds, so those on the heavier weight can be comfortable while using the bike.


Nautilus R614

The Nautilus recumbent bike is also big on features.

One of the best ones would be the DualTrack LCD display and the Goal Track feature.

The Goal Track will let the user set and keep up with fitness goals.

Seniors who want to keep track of weight loss or their heart rate can use this feature a lot. There are 20 resistance settings that can be used on this bike.


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