The Best Stomach Exercises for Stronger Abs

The Best Stomach Exercises for Stronger Abs

Our abdominal muscles put in work every day. From walking or lifting everyday objects to providing stability, your ab muscles are integral to the functioning of your entire body.

Getting stronger abs doesn’t have to involve hours in the gym, however. And you don’t have to keep doing boring, ineffective exercises like traditional crunches either (we’ve listed a few exciting alternatives below). 

With the right exercises, a healthy diet and a few minutes a day, you can see results in no time. 

Let’s get started!

Stomach Exercises for Stronger Abs 

You’ll feel stronger and see amazing definition in no time with these targeted exercises.

V-Ups – This is a quick, but challenging workout. Simply lift your arms and legs simultaneously (while lying on your back) and hold the position of 60 seconds. 

Cross Leg Diagonal Crunch – Here’s an interesting take on the classic crunch. Lying on your back with a straight body, bend your left knee and cross it over your right one (with your left foot touching the floor). With your arms behind your head, lift your torso up and begin to crunch. Do so for 50 reps before switching sides. 

Bicycle Crunch – Starting from a lying position, extend one leg out and bend the other leg so that it is pulled in towards the chest. Your feet should not touch the floor. As though you are on a bicycle, alternate bending and extending your legs while rotating the opposite elbow to the opposite knee.

Plank – Anyone who’s done planks before can tell you how effective this simple exercise is. Starting on all fours, position yourself so that you are resting on your elbows and forearms while your legs stretch out behind you (you should be on your toes). Keep your body in a straight line by engaging your legs, abs, and glutes.

Going Beyond Regular Exercise – When Plain Exercise Just Won’t Get the Job Done

Sometimes, you need the help of specialized exercise fitness equipment to strengthen your core, provide tone and definition, and get the abs you desire. 

This doesn’t mean you should stop exercising (exercise is still helping your abs and overall body build strength)! 

Exercise equipment such as the 3 great examples down below are designed especially to target those ab muscles and make working out more effective. 

Inversion Table

Supercharge your next ab workout with an inversion table

Inversion tables take the pressure off your back and give you more flexibility as you go through your ab workout routine. Perform the classic ab exercises (such as crunches and situps) while inverted for a powerful core workout.

Stretch Trainer

Work with a stretch trainer! Flexibility is important for your abs as well as the rest of your body. That’s why you should stretch before or after a workout. By ensuring that you are correctly positioned during a stretch, stretch trainers enable you to stretch your muscles in a way that is both safe and effective. 

Ab Coaster

An ab coaster offers users the ability to get firm ab muscles with just a few smooth movements. With a swivel maneuver that allows you to target the obliques and other hard to reach abdominal muscles, the ab coaster enables you to take crunches off the floor. By engaging your lower abdominal muscles, an ab coaster makes performing effective crunches easier.

Here’s how to use it. While on the machine, kneel on the seat and grip the handles. Sliding along the rails, pull your knees towards your chest and bring them back down. It’s simple but effective. 

Start down the path of great abs with these challenging exercises and the right fitness and exercise equipment! Visit Fitness Expo today in Louisiana for the best core equipment.