The Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners

The Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners

Free weights are a terrific option if you want more flexibility in your training. Your range of motion is limited when you use machines, which can be unnatural and unhealthy for your body.

One of the numerous advantages of doing weight lifting exercises for beginners is that you will become stronger. In comparison to weight machines, they also assist you to improve your balance, increasing your agility, and reducing your chance of injury.

Exercises weights for beginners

Weight lifting for beginners, whether you’re just starting out or seeking to add strength training to your aerobic program, might appear to be everything but straightforward. Lifting weights for beginners doesn’t have to be difficult—and it can be a lot of fun. Here are some weights to try for beginners.


When it comes to strength training, dumbbells should be an important part of your regimen. They can be used singly or in pairs. Some are weight-adjustable, while others are pre-assembled. Shoulder raises, chest flyers, and bicep curls are all great joint-isolation exercises to do with dumbbells.

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Medicine Balls

Weighted balls with a diameter of around 13.7 inches are known as medicine balls. They’re commonly utilized for both strength training and rehabilitation. They’re most commonly utilized in sports medicine to increase neuromuscular coordination and strength.


couple doing squat exercise

The sandbell combines the greatest qualities of different free weights into one convenient instrument.

It’s simply a sandbag packed with a specifically prepared sand that gives it weight— a little, easy-to-grasp sandbag.

Because the sand within it is always moving, you must continually adapt to stay balanced. This is excellent for strengthening your stabilizer muscles and improving your overall balance.


Kettlebells are cast-iron weights that range in weight from five to more than 100 pounds. They have a handle on top to help grasp them simpler. With the variety of activities a kettlebell can provide, you can get a great full-body workout.

You don’t need anything more to make it complete. All you need are your hands and the determination to continue.

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Before you even start working out, determining what you need to do and how to build up your workout routine is the toughest challenge. The greatest approach to increase strength and muscle in the gym, even at home is to use free weights.

Beginners should begin with simple dumbbell exercises and progress to barbell training or specialist weights such as kettlebells once they’re ready.

Weight training exercises

When you first start working out, deciding what you need to do and how to build up your workout routine is the most difficult task. People who are enormous and ripped telling you how they work out may be found in magazines and on the Internet. You must begin small and work your way up.

Do three sets of each of the movements below, with eight to twelve repetitions each set; once you can do 12, increase the weight. These suggested exercises are an excellent addition to a beginner strength training routine for weight loss.

These are multi-muscle workouts that give you more bang for your money by working for more than one muscle group at a time.


Push-ups should be done slowly and steadily. Go down for two seconds and then back up for two seconds. Get back to the floor and complete the press after you finish set one of the push-ups.

Chest Press

woman chest exercise

Pick up the dumbbells and complete the press toward the ceiling while lying on your back on the floor.

Slowly and deliberately, focus on your chest muscles and what you’re doing. Do the next push-up chest press set after two minutes of rest.


When you first begin, start with no weight. Use the dumbbells once you’ve become used to it. Squat down with your buttocks pushed back to relieve strain on your knees.


Go straight from squat set one to deadlifts with weight. Maintain bodily control and take it slowly. After two minutes of break, return to the other two combination sets.


For a novice, this is one of the most difficult exercises. Try to complete as many as you can. If you need assistance, use bands or a chair to get to the top, then carefully lower yourself before repeating. After the first set, go straight to rows.


Do bent-over rows with dumbbells if you’re using them. Do the rows in a sitting position if you’re using bands. Keep things calm and steady so you get the most bang for your buck.


Slowly increase the weight of the dumbbells or bands. Keep your elbows close to your sides and don’t rely on momentum to help you curl. When you finish set one, immediately go on to the triceps dips.


woman triceps exercise on a bench

Do the dips on a chair or bench with your hands behind your back. Begin by placing your feet on the ground. Put your feet up on a chair to add resistance as you become stronger.

Shoulder Press

These may be done either seated or standing. Dumbbells should be held at shoulder level and pushed high over your head. If you’re utilizing bands, use the same procedure.


For each exercise, get into a push-up posture using your elbows rather than your hands, maintain your torso straight, and hold the position for 30 seconds. Do another rep after a 15-second rest. You’re done after five reps.

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