Boosting New Orleans’ Tourism Industry with Best Gym Equipment

New Orleans as ranked first in 2009’s Travel and Leisure Poll as one of “America’s Favorite Cities” not only for romantic feel but also to for its famous Mardi Gras celebration. This tradition normally emphasizes last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season, which begins on Ash Wednesday. Seeing as there are a few cities that actually have this roadside party parade, it’s one of those events that pour in a vast amount of revenue for any establishment within the area. To name one business that would initially rack up the benefits of this yearly merriment would be the hotel industry.


Tourists might be staying overnight while some prefer to stay even longer just to bask in the southern aura of jazz and blues in the notorious French Quarter and Bourbon Street. And because these tourists are technically guest of the State, it’s already a given that they have certain needs. It might be the cushioning of the mattress or the food in which they preferably indulge back in their own homes. But some would like to continue their personal training regimen to keep being lean and fit even during their travels. Therefore, hotel establishments offer the best gym equipment for their guests.


Of course, only the best will do if the hotel targets the guests’ optimum satisfaction. The light-weight commercial gym equipment such as the PaceMaster Platinum ProClub is the choice for most of them. Due to its specifications that feature a 3 hp grade motor with a speed range of 0.5 mph to 12 mph gives a more than decent run. To those that want a little more challenge, there is also 0% to 15% elevation range with 0.5% increments. And because this is a vacation to guests, this gym equipment features a very unique Tri-flex Impact Shock Management system which consists of a 20” x 60” running surface belt for an orthopedic shock absorbing feel. Its maximum weight limit reaches up to 350 lbs.


The console features an express speed and inclines keys for easy access. There’s also a very helpful reading rack for those who prefer a great novel from the TV soap opera. This unit has a motivational feedback display for time, speed, incline, calories, distance, aerobic points, and heart rate. Not only does it feel like running on air, but this exercise gym equipment also has a spacious range to give the runner a more open feel. There are also many programs to choose from such as the manual setting, quick-start option or the 4 preset workouts (conditioning, stamina, interval, and weight loss) which has 9 levels to accommodate the guests’ every exercise need.


The best gym equipment such as the PaceMaster Platinum ProClub is actually used by a majority of police stations, fire station, rehabilitation facilities, physical therapy clinics, and personal training studios. This high-grade machine offers immediately high-grade performance. And quality is everything when it comes to total customer satisfaction. For more information on this product, visit Fitness Expo Stores today!


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