Build Upper Body Strength With the V-Express Gym

Build Upper Body Strength With the V-Express Gym

When it comes to getting a superior upper body workout, nothing does more for your fitness than a superior home gym. A home gym, like the V-Express Gym offered by Fitness Expo Stores, offers a multitude of upper body exercise options and is also extremely user-friendly for you to operate. Here are some of the top features of the V-Express Gym and a few reasons why you should consider this model.

Complete Upper Body Workouts

The V-Express Gym allows you to perform a full range of upper workouts. In addition, accessories such as strap handles, ensure that users get the best workout possible with maximum effectiveness. The V-Express Gym allows users to perform flat, incline, decline, press and fly exercises all-in-one. This means that you can get a full natural range of motion while performing your upper body workouts on the V-Express Gym.

You can also combine strength training with cardio workouts and help your body adjust well to more advanced exercises as you go along.


The V-Express Gym features a split-weight cable that is designed to offer 50% resistance for mid and low pulley exercises. For the high, mid and lower cable stations, the wide groove pulleys offer a better range of motion. In addition, the Radial Loc system is designed to minimize the shifting between weight plates so that exercises can be performed more quietly.

Compact Design

The V-Express Gym also features a compact design that makes adding a home gym to your home easy. The machine also includes an accessories rack for easy storage of the machine components. Home gyms can be bulky, but the V-Express Gym will take up very little space.

V-Express Provides a Good Lower Body Workout Too

Of course, the V-Express also offers a wide variety of workouts for the lower portion of the body thanks to the V-Ride Leg Press. The adjustable, padded ankle strap, which is included, also helps to make workouts more comfortable and ensures that they are done correctly.

When it comes to getting the best upper body workout possible, a home gym can provide the advantage that you are looking for. With its compact features and unique design, you can build your upper body strength with this model quickly.

If you have questions about the V-Express Gym or would like recommendations on selecting the right home gym, Fitness Expo can help. At any of our locations in Mississippi or Louisiana, you will find that our friendly staff can walk you through the entire process of selecting the right home gym for your needs. Whether it is the V-Express Gym or another model, Fitness Expo Stores can help you find the right model that is designed especially for your needs. Click here to contact a fitness equipment specialist today and get started now.