Why You Should Buy the Gym Equipment Vectra VFT-100

Are you looking for excellent gym equipment in Baton Rouge? Perhaps one that has multiple exercise positions and adjustable seats? 

Then the Vectra VFT-100 from Vectra Fitness is for you. This machine has all the functionality of both barbells and dumbbell exercises and even more! Along with this, it’s easy to use and you can use it in many ways for varying exercise positions. And as a plus, it can also be used for leg exercises with the VFT bench.

Ease of Use

With the Vectra VFT-100, you get 23 possible exercise positions and wide pulleys that adjust from only just off the floor to around six feet high. You’ll never feel bored or limited with this machine! 

Also, if you can’t hold a dumbbell or raise a barbell, that’s okay because these are adjustable weights! This, combined with the fact that everything that is adjustable is easy to move around and made to minimize effort, means getting this machine to meet your needs is so easy. 

On another note, this is a good thing for elders or those who have a physical disability, as the Vectra VFT-100 is designed around ease of use.

Functionality At Its Finest

Functional training lets you train your muscles to work together to meet life’s constant everyday demands – and the best way to do that is with the Vectra VFT-100. The VFT-100, when used optimally, can help you on so many levels, and not just physically. It can help you teach your muscles to work together in certain situations with its multiple varied positions. Because of this, the machine will help you achieve equilibrium with all your muscle mass, ensuring that they are all just as good as each other.

Did you know that the Vectra VFT-100 functional trainer is also good with leg exercises? That’s right – the VFT-100 comes with a VFT bench that allows you to perform leg extensions with the ball-bearing leg developer, along with leg curls with the option to do one or two at a time. 

Vectra Fitness also features the width-adjustable contoured leg rollers, which were made just for your comfort. The VFT bench can be adjusted to 7 different training angles. Their sturdy wheels make positioning easy to do, and an auto-lock mechanism ensures your bench’s and your safety while exercising. The bench also works as a place to perform dumbbell work.

Baton Rouge Gym Equipment That Hits All Your Muscle Groups

The Vectra VFT-100 allows you to exercise nearly all of your muscle groups instead of just one or two. This means that you won’t have to worry about not getting enough exercise.

Also, functional training techniques have roots originating in the early 1900s and are just recently making their way into mainstream awareness, acceptance, and popularity. 

The VFT-100 is designed around functional training principles and allows you to train your muscles to work together to meet life’s everyday demands.

Let’s recap. 

If you are looking to buy gym equipment in Baton Rouge, the Vectra VFT-100 by Vectra Fitness is the best bet for you for multiple reasons. 

It has 23 different exercise positions due to its wide adjustable pulleys that can go from the floor to six feet high, done in a way that makes it easy to move and made to minimize effort, which could be great if you have a disability or are old. 

This exercise machine will train your core on many levels, such as teaching your muscles to work together and help them reach equilibrium in muscle mass. This is important because the core is the center of your body.

You can do more with the Vectra VFT-100’s with the VFT bench, which can be adjusted to 7 different angles. 

All of these are done in ways that ensure your safety, is easy to use, and maximizes functionality in workouts. The Vectra VFT-100 is the best choice for choosing a functional trainer.

When you’re ready to give this awesome machine a try, visit Fitness Expo to get the best workout equipment here in Baton Rouge