Buying Fitness Equipment Wholesale in Shreveport

Buying Fitness Equipment Wholesale in Shreveport

Fitness is a process of being healthy and also physically fit. In ancient times, keeping fit was mostly done outside in areas that were suitable enough to help the body to keep fit. This was the case for all the people like athletes, weightlifters, bodybuilders and also ordinary people who needed to keep fit.

Fitness Equipment

In the present age, with increased levels of industrialization and urbanization, it is hard to find appropriate places to work out and keep fit. This is why Fitness Expo Stores has grown as a fitness equipment company providing a wide range of solutions via fitness equipment that has a number of applications both at home and commercially.

The equipment includes; Treadmills, elliptical, free weights, rowers, bikes and vibration machines.

Elliptical trainer

Commonly known as a cross trainer, this is an immobile machine used to work up physical exercise like running, walking or even climbing. For this reason, they have become a common workout equipment for homes and also gym areas in general.

Factors to consider before buying an elliptical trainer

Considering the amount of elliptical training equipment available, it is important to look at common factors that influence the choice of a particular equipment:


There are various types of elliptical machines that are used for different purposes. Some are used for basic exercises like simple aerobics (for normal people who only want to keep fit) while others are used for intense exercising sessions (for people whose careers revolve around fitness like sports people). You can check out the Elliptigo 11r.


As mentioned, elliptical trainers can be for homes or gyms. Regardless of where the machines will be used, the amount of space is an important consideration. Most of the equipment have a length of over four feet hence it is good practice to consider the space for efficient work out sessions. This space is defined by length and height for those with pedals.


Front-drive is a basic and the most affordable design that has a massive wheel containment at the front with increased noise and vibration. On the other hand, a center-drive is more of a treadmill with the track area featuring pedals for easy workout sessions. The rear-drive is another design that has a smaller wheel containment just behind the incline pedals (the use of a track-and-roller model).


Even with the variation in equipment, there are a number of basic features to consider before purchasing an elliptical machine: Stride lengths (some our fixed at 14 and 21 inches but adjustable ones are preferable for multiple users), motion (this goes hand in hand with the quietness factors from the pedals for workout sessions that are not so noisy) and upper body comfort (handles help a lot in supporting the upper body and also making it more comfortable for the workout session).


The most important aspects of workout sessions are warming up and cooling down. These should be covered with the trainer. The handles which help with the balance should not inhibit other features. Maintenance and warranty should also considered before purchase. Machines with the ability to lock pedals are important for equipment that will be exposed to children.

Additional features

These are features that do not exactly contribute to the purpose of the machine but are important for improved workout sessions. They include tablet holders for entertainment purposes, water bottle holders that would help with hydration and heart rate monitors that are helpful for people that have medical conditions.

Other fitness equipment offered by Fitness Expo Stores in Shreveport are:


Initially it was a wheel which was rotated by people who stepped on the edge but now it is widely used as a fitness equipment for general body fitness both at home and in gyms. Some of the favorite treadmill equipment available is: BH Fitness S1Ti Treadmill, Horizon Adventure 3 treadmill and Life Fitness club series treadmill.


These are helpful equipment for people are involved with rowing activity in the water games. Ergometer is used to measure the performance of the person that is undertaking the exercise.

Core or abdominals

There are the muscles around the pelvis and are easily put into shape with sit-ups and pushups. However, with equipment like AB Coaster (CTL, CS 3000 and CS 1500) and Precor 240i stretch trainer, workout focused on the abdominal areas is simplified and the muscles can be in shape in no time.

Free Weights

The major focus is the triceps and biceps for people in sports that need more of the upper body strength in conjunction with balanced lower body strength.


They are most efficient for people who engage in climbing activity to help with the leg, back and upper body muscles.

There are many more fitness equipments that could be found at Fitness Expo: Vibration Machines, spin bikes, accessories, home gyms, AMTs, single stations and both seated and lateral elliptical.

It is important to consider the factors that have been featured so that it is an easy task to pick a fitness equipment from the various options available. Other considerations could be given from a personal trainer or a medical doctor on the best equipment on can use to always keep fit.