Buying Used Commercial Exercise Equipment in Baton Rouge

Buying Used Commercial Exercise Equipment in Baton Rouge

When it comes to buying used commercial fitness equipment in Baton Rouge, there are a lot of things to understand to ensure you make the right purchase. The knowledge required and the ideal process does depend on the kind of equipment that you intend to buy and your budget. If you’re looking to get commercial gym equipment, then you’ve come to the right page. 

If you’re trying to buy used commercial workout equipment, then you should try and find a local reseller that specializes in buying and selling gym equipment. While you could always gamble on a sweet Craigslist deal, you’ll really want to go somewhere you can trust if you want to guarantee its quality. 

There are a few things to know and understand when it comes to buying used gym equipment about their quality and how much they’ve been refurbished after being sold to the reseller. 

When it comes to machines, you want to make sure they are in good working condition, otherwise, you’ll have to handle the potentially lofty costs of restoring the machine after buying it. 

Used Exercise Equipment Terms

After making sure it is in working condition, you have to understand some useful terms such as:


  • As-Is – refers to products and equipment that are being sold in the condition that the reseller purchased them. This can save you a lot of money but when it comes to commercial workout equipment with motorized parts or even pulleys and gears, you may find that this equipment will suffer from a lackluster lifespan after your purchase. As-is commercial gym equipment is the cheapest among used gym equipment being sold in Baton Rouge today. 


  • Serviced and Cleaned – While as-is equipment will often have been cleaned during its processing, serviced and cleaned goes the extra mile to guarantee the condition of the moving and load-bearing parts and replace the parts that have experienced wear and tear over its potential years of use. This is the great middle ground to ensure that the commercial fitness equipment will last more than a couple of months after purchase.


  • Remanufactured – The most expensive and extensive option available for refurbishing machines is remanufactured. This is a thorough process where the machine has been completely inspected and rebuilt into an almost new commercial gym equipment using the old frame – kinda like souping up an old hot rod with a modern engine. This process ensures that your machine is fully restored to full functionality and should have the lifespan of a normal brand new machine.

Knowing these levels of quality and care is essential to understanding the worth and lifespan of any commercial exercise equipment. It will help you understand how these machines work as fitness investments for the long or short term. You’ll be able to assess the worth of the refurbished machine compared to a brand new commercial workout equipment. If a remanufactured machine has a great discount compared to a brand new model then it’s really a steal and a whole lot of money you can save.

Get to know the top brands in a commercial exercise equipment category, compare features, and prices before looking at used options so you have a good baseline. 

Of course, maybe in the end you don’t want to gamble with a used machine and want to get a brand new elliptical or spin bike to ensure the motor and gears are in peak working order and benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty if anything does fail in the machine. 

It’s your health and fitness you are investing in. It’s up to you to decide how important that is to you and how much it’s worth. 

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