Get The Cardio Workout You Need With A Life Fitness C1

Get The Cardio Workout You Need With A Life Fitness C1

Looking for the piece of equipment to take your cardio workout to the next level? Then come into Fitness Expo and learn about the Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle. Our friendly and educated staff will help you select the piece of equipment that fits your home gym needs, and those of your workout.

The Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle is the culmination of the research and innovation of the Lifecycle technology used in health clubs. With this piece of equipment, you benefit from the health club technology in your own home gym. The C1 is lauded as the perfect fit in the upright Lifecycle family of bikes.

The Track+ console is able to connect to Apple and Android devices. This allows you to create workout routines and then access them on your Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle. You will also have access to real-time workouts and tracking. You can also access third-party apps for your fitness programs. The many features of this innovative console gives you the opportunity to make your home workout the best it can be, and will help you reach your workout goals easier. The Track+ console also has the LF connect for Life Fitness. LF connect lets you go online to create custom workouts and follow your results. You can also bring your workouts from your LF connect account into the Track+ console for you to use.

If the Track+ console is too technologically connected for you, then the Go Bike console might be more of what you prefer. This console comes with 13 preprogrammed workout routines. This console works with a wireless chest strap to monitor your heart rate. It has the capacity for two user profiles, with one custom workout per user profile. However, it does not have the ability to connect to Apple or Android devices.

The handlebars of the Life Fitness C1 Lifecycle contain contact sensors for heart rate monitoring. The wireless heart monitoring system is included with the console and no additional purchase is required, if you choose the Track+ console. The handlebars are also styled after the racing bikes, with an ergonomic design. The bike comes with a standard seat. However, the bike is not a step-through, so that is something to take into consideration if you have issue with lifting your legs above the mechanics of the motor.

Come into one of the family owned Fitness Expo stores throughout Louisiana and meet our friendly staff. They enjoy helping our customers find the right machine for their home gym. They would love to meet you and make you a part of our family. The ability to get to know you, and help you customize your home gym is something we are proud of, and we like to think it is important to you as well. We will help you find the right equipment, and then we will help you set it up at home, making sure you are comfortable with your new equipment and ready to begin your road to fitness.