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  • The Home Gym That has it All – the Vectra VX-48

    When looking at home gyms, there are several features to consider. If you are not concerned about saving space, you will want to look at how versatile and easy a machine is to use. A multi-station gym with multiple weight stacks will give you the biggest return on your dollar. Why Multi-weight

  • Precor FTS Glide – Commercial Grade Machine in Your Own Home

    What differentiates you and the competitors in the NPC Louisiana Bodybuilding Championships? The competitors devote their time to a regimented body-building routine that sculpts their muscles and reduces their body fat. You can go to a gym to do this same workout, but why not do the exercises

  • Work Out at Home with the Vectra 1450 Home Gym

    Do you love working out, but hate going to the gym? You're not alone in this, which is why home gyms are so popular, but you will want a machine that fits in your space and gives you the versatility of several weight machines in a gym. These machines let you build your body up to prepare to

  • Equip your Home with the Right Fitness Equipment

    Health and physical fitness is not just about sweating your way through endless hours at the gym, till your muscles groan or your lungs burst. Being fit is more about taking a holistic view and enjoying your workout every single day. Many of us have tried variations of workouts and exercise

  • Move Your Home Gym in a New Direction

    There are lots of exercise machines to choose from when building your home gym: treadmills are a great staple for your morning run, ellipticals get the job done with low impact strides, and stair trainers let you perform deep lunges to work your glutes and hamstrings. All of these machines can

  • The G7 Home Gym for the Complete Workout Experience at Home

    Home gyms are well designed, and they are great to use in the comfort of your own home. You do not have to worry about the hassle of getting up and fighting traffic to get to the gym any longer. This home gym is built on design, performance, and quality and will deliver a customized workout with

  • Get the G7 Home Gym

    Going to the gym can be time consuming and expensive, and if you work unusual hours it can be hard to get to the gym while it's open. Many people have found it useful to create their own gym at home with various pieces of exercise equipment for the various aspects of their workout routine. There

  • Advantages of Having Your Own Gym

    Why pay gym centers when you can exercise in the comfort of your own living room? Having your own gym has so many benefits including privacy and convenience. This also saves gas, time and money, once you find the perfect home gym as you won’t need to worry about those Fitness Center fees anymore,

  • Why Pay Gym Fees When You Can Work out at Home?

    There is nothing better than feeling more confident and stress-free in the comfort of your home. Why not work out in a room dedicated to your treadmill and other exercise equipment? Having the freedom of working out to your favorite music or video makes it very personal and quite motivating to get

  • The VX18 Multi Gym for the Ultimate Home Gym Workout

    If you are looking to ditch the gym and get your workout on at home, the VX18 Multi Gym, might be just what you are looking for. Utilizing a multi gym is a great option for a home gym because of the fact that it is such a space saver. The VX18 Multi Gym allows you to combine the best bits of a

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