Change Up Your Fitness Routines With Customizable Workouts

Change Up Your Fitness Routines With Customizable Workouts

Changing your fitness routines on a regular basis is the key to making sure your fitness level does not plateau. Changing routines also helps to ensure that you do not become bored with your workout routine and so that you are continuously mentally challenged by your workout as well. Fitness Expo Stores offers a wide range of customization features. Here are some of the models and the customization options that they offer so that you can figure out what works best for your workout routine.




Treadmills available from Fitness Expo Stores include models from Precor, Vision and BH Fitness. These treadmills offer the ability to increase the incline of the machine for a more challenging workout. They also come with preset programs that will allow you to workout at varying levels of difficulty for a workout that will challenge your muscles. In addition, models such as the Vision TF20 and the Life Fitness F1 are folding treadmills so that you can easily fold them available if you do not have adequate space in your home to maintain the treadmill in the active position when not in use.




Fitness Expo Stores offers ellipticals from Lifefitness, Vision, Precor and Octane. While the individual machines have different features, all of these machines will allow you to adjust the level of resistance as well as work with the preset plans to create a challenging workout. An elliptical already offers an advantage over other types of fitness equipment thanks to the fact that the machine combines the benefits of several exercises into one simple motion. Now you have the freedom to create a custom cardio workout that will keep you challenged and interested.


Home Gyms


The complete home gyms available from Fitness Expo Stores are the ultimate in customization thanks to the wide range of options and accessories that are available. All of the home gym options feature adjustable settings on the machines that will allow you to increase the difficulty of the workout. In addition, certain models like the Vectra 1650 give you the option to workout with two completely different training disciplines in mind. You can either work with a fixed-weight or free-weight mode so that you can choose what is best for you. All that is required is a simple pull on the selector knob. With a home gym, you have the option to do dozens of exercises. This makes having an home gym a sound option if your goal is strength training and a total body workout.


If you need a customized workout plan and equipment that will allow you those options, Fitness Expo Stores can help. Our trained experts can help you to select the workout equipment that will best meet your fitness goals and other limiting factors. Click here to request assistance today!