Choose the Best Bike for Your Buck

BikesExercise bikes are a well-respected piece of exercise equipment, and serve as a staple in any public exercise facility. Bikes provide a great cardio workout while reducing the impact on the joints of the user, compared to treadmills. With it also being a compact machine, individuals have found it to be a functional piece of equipment to own. But how do you find the right bike for you and your budget?

One factor to consider is your personal fitness goals. Are you looking for an exercise bike for light workouts, to maintain your current weight, or are you looking for a machine that will challenge you and help you to shed some weight? Is a monitor that provides feedback, such as those found on the Vision series, a necessity for you? These questions can help you to narrow down your options and focus in on the right bike for you.

Another important factor is, of course, the price. With your desired features in mind, you can use your price point to zero in on the bike that is right for your needs and budget. If your price point is particularly low, you may consider bargain warehouses or quality used machines. A warehouse will possibly offer you a warranty. If you decide to resort to purchasing a used machine, be cautious in choosing where and whom you purchase it from. If you are set on purchasing a new exercise bike, you may consider looking at your budget and putting together a plan to set aside enough funds for your purchase. This will allow you to make a quality purchase without breaking the bank.

The most important factor is that you research. Read product reviews online, as well as user reviews. The most efficient way to evaluate a machine would be to try it out for yourself. If you live in Louisiana or Mississippi, stop in to your local Fitness Expo to try out the available exercise bikes, as well as to learn more about what may be the best fit for you from our knowledgeable associates. You may also e-mail us with your questions at