Choosing the Best Exercise Bike For Your Fitness Needs

Choosing the Best Exercise Bike For Your Fitness Needs

New Orleans is considered America’s 8th when it comes to its bicycle and pedestrian transportation. The city’s flat landscape makes it ideal for a comfortable ride. Therefore if one would like to have a nice exercise while going through the city then having a bike wouldn’t be such a bad idea. But as we all know the weather can turn upside down without any due notice. This may ruin your workout plans in an instant. Although if you would still prefer to have that bike run there are always more options to consider rather than just going outside. One of which is biking on a stationary bicycle.

Also called exercylces, these are machines that have almost the entire component found in your basic bicycle. These machines are used for basic fitness and physical endurance training. For most of its specification, the low-impact design withholds strain to your immediate joints. Professional riders however use fixed roller where they would mount their bikes while keeping in place.

Because it’s stationary, you wouldn’t worry about falling over or hitting a random object on the road. This makes this exercise tool very helpful and gives the rider more focus on his exercise rather than be distracted while biking.

What’s the Best Exercise Bike to Use? 

With the health benefits that stationary bikes offer to users, more and more types of bikes have been made available in the market. These bikes though offer the same purpose: to keep you fit and help you lose weight.  One of the most common types of exercise bikes that are very popular nowadays is the “upright” exercise bike, which imitates a regular bike. This type of exercise bike has a vertical orientation and has handle bars. Another popular type of gym bike is the “recumbent” bike. This bike has a chair-like feature while keeping the pedal mechanism.

When shopping around for an exercise bike, there are features that you should keep in mind.  First, if you want to have a fullbody workout, choose a type of exercise bike that has dual function handle bars like the Vision E4000.  For a more intense workout, the best exercise bike to choose offers wind resistance function like the Schwinn Airdyne. With more resistance, you get to pedal harder, thus making your workout more rigorous. However, for beginners, the most ideal exercise bike would be just the regular type like the Precor RBK 885 that does not have a resistance feature. This type of bike provides easy mounting function and a ventilated suspension which provides a cushion ride.

For a more “fun” ride, the best exercise bike to choose should be the one with features like a book rest or an IPod function. There are also mounted consoles that monitor your heart rate, the distance you traveled or your progress in terms of calories burned. Other exercise bikes have consoles that allow users to connect to the Internet, read mails or news while working out.

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