Common Myths About Fitness Consultants

Common Myths About Fitness Consultants

Whether it was your New Year’s Resolution, your doctor told you to lose a few pounds, or you just need an outlet for pent up energy, heading to the gym has crossed your mind at some point in your life (or maybe at many points).

If you are embarking on this lifestyle change, you will likely need to start with a fitness consultation. Fitness consultants can help assess your needs relative to both your current state of health and your desires in terms of your ultimate goal.

At Fitness Expo we have a robust and affordable line of new exercise equipment in Kenner that can help you get started and ultimately keep you on the right path. Items such as the BH Fitness S1X1 can help you fast track your fitness goals without breaking the bank.

But before you go investing in new fitness equipment in Kenner, consider finding local fitness consultants that can help you understand what you need to reach your goals.

When thinking about starting the journey, it is important to consider what you would like in a fitness consultant. Yet despite their importance in your journey to becoming a fitter and healthier version of yourself, there are many “myths” that remain about these personal trainers and their role.

This guide will expose and address common myths about fitness consultants to assist you in deciding to maintain a relationship with a fitness consultation.

1. Fitness Consultants Have an Answer to Everything

Often times, especially during the preliminary fitness consult, people get excited to start such a life-changing journey. So much so that we inundate ourselves with new information from new diet fads, exercise routines, and knowledge of different exercise equipment.

When we work with a fitness consultant we often subscribe to the idea that the trainer must know everything. But this is not always the case. Your exercise consultant may specialize in one type of training, or may have not yet worked with a client in your particular situation.

When looking for the perfect fitness consultant for your goals, ask questions about their experience, training, certification and if they have worked with clients in your situation before. Ask for references and examples of successful outcomes they have been able to achieve in the past.

2. A Fitness Consultant Job Is to Help You Lose Weight

Contrary to popular belief, “weight loss” or even muscle gain are not a fitness consultant’s only job. On the contrary, their role is broad, including aspects such as:

  • Motivation

  • Meal planning

  • Helping establish healthy lifestyle habits

  • Nutritional/supplement advice

And more…

A fitness consultant is there to aid in creating what are known as SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) goals.

Additionally, they are there with you to help you figure out your “why”, that deep down motivation as to the reasons you are looking to change your life for the better. Just remember it isn’t that cut and dry. There’s more to it. It’s not all about exercise equipment and motivational quotes.

3. A Fitness Consultant Will Help you with a Nutrition Plan

While the guidelines are tricky and differ from state to state and country to country, in most places in North America fitness consultants can advise on nutrition as long as it does not violate government standards. Despite this fact, many consultants are not adequately educated on nutrition.

Ask upfront about what qualifications are needed and if they are licensed to provide dietary advice. Also, find out if a meal plan or nutritional guidance is included as part of your personal training package.

4. Fitness Consultants Eat Nothing but Kale and Quinoa

Sure, fitness consultants generally eat healthy and are conscious of what they put in their body. However, they are “regular people” just like you and I.

They too, like to indulge in things like ice cream, cake and even wine. Sometimes, instead of protein shakes and granola bars, they will opt for carbohydrates in vegetables, meat and chicken.

In the same way we have urges for the sweetest desserts, so do they. Instead of going for the cake, though, they go for a glass of wine to satisfy their sweet tooth. So don’t judge them too harshly if you see them out on the town having a drink or indulging in after-meal dessert.

5. You Need to Work Yourself to the Level of a Fitness Consultant

Fitness consultants are well versed in working with various clients, at any experience or skill level. Some work specifically with beginners, while others focus solely on the more advanced clients.

Regardless, a consultant’s priority is– and always should be– to make you comfortable and help keep you as motivated as possible. You should not have to start at an expert level, especially if you are nowhere near it. It puts both you and the trainer at risk.

Make sure you find a fitness trainer that is willing to be patient and help you progress at a safe and effective pace.

And don’t forget to make sure they have you incorporate warm ups, cool downs and flexibility training to improve mobility and reduce the risk of injury (especially when first starting out). A good piece of exercise equipment for that purpose is the Precor 240i Stretch Trainer.

Closing Thoughts

This guide covered a few of the most common myths about fitness consultants in Kenner and around the nation.

We hope this guide will help you reach the fitness goals you have always dreamed of, and in becoming the person you have always aspired to be.

Just remember that your fitness consultant is there to be your guide, but ultimately your fitness journey starts and ends with you. No one can lift the weights or take each step for you.