Crucial Things a Gym should Have Before You Consider Signing Up

So you’ve finally decided to get fit and have chosen the wonderful option of joining a gym. That is a fine choice.

But! You shouldn’t join just any gym. That would be a waste of effort, money, and time especially if you end up signing for a 3 year membership at a gym with poor facilities and zero assistance from expert trainers.

So how do you avoid getting stuck in an unproductive relationship with an incompetent gym? Simply look out for the following characteristics that will help you determine if the gym is worthwhile.

Price tag

No doubt you can’t put a price tag on your fitness or your health, but it is advisable you sign up with a gym you can comfortably afford. This is obviously important because a gym membership is a long-term commitment and it would be unfair to your peace of mind to have to keep worrying about being able to afford renewing your membership.

Most people looking to join a gym can’t afford personal trainers or high priced memberships offered by certain elite clubs. So before joining a gym make sure the price tag on their services is convenient for you. But if you like the expensive gym, see if there’s a way to lower the cost of membership such as by aiming for discount seasons when you can join at discounted rates.

The sort of members allowed

An ongoing trend among gyms nowadays is catering for only a certain group of people. Such as gyms who take on only women, or seniors, or professional athletes.

Before signing up with a gym, you should know what sort of members they take in to know if you’ll fit in, and if you’ll be comfortable with the gym’s favoured crowd. For example, certain women don’t feel comfortable going to a mixed gender gym because they are worried about ogling male eyes or being objectified by their male counterparts. Thus, pick a gym that has a crowd you’ll be comfortable working out with.


In this instance, size does matter. You don’t want to end up in a gym with insufficient space during peak hours. Such a gym will become crowded, musty, and there’ll probably not be enough equipment to go round.

Another reason to keep an eye out for space is because of ventilation. It will not be a fun experience being cooped up in a stuffy space with a multitude of sweaty bodies. For a healthy environment to do your exercises, make sure to go for a gym with enough room.

Equipment and facilities

The average gym should have more than one of the following equipment; climbers, rowers, ellipticals, dumbbells, weight machines, spin bikes, and heavy duty treadmills like the BH Fitness LKT8 Treadmill.

If the gym you’ve found can’t offer these basic facilities, then you probably should keep searching. It really matters that a gym offers you equipment that you actually need when you need it.

Also, don’t keep an eye out for just availability of equipment but also the state of the equipment. All gym equipment should be in a good condition that’ll ensure the efficiency of the equipment and the safety of members.

For facilities, special sections such as stretching areas should be made available. First aid, clean showers and bathrooms are all also very important.


Make sure to ascertain the proximity of your chosen gym to your home. If your chosen gym is too far from where you live, it can be a turn off that’ll have you feeling unmotivated to go get some exercise done.

In a situation where you have trouble finding a gym that’s close to where you live, you can opt for finding one close to where you work. This option is great because you can stop at the gym before going to work or before going home from work. It all depends on which is more convenient for you. Or you could be really lucky and have both your chosen gym and place of work right next door to where you live.

Hygiene levels

This is super important. Imagine using gym equipment with the compiled sweat and other body fluids of previous users slathered over it. That is not good enough. You signed up with a gym to get healthy, not sick. Thus, your chosen gym should provide a sanitary environment for you to work out.

Look out for things like absence of litter, fresh towels for members to use while working out (I prefer taking my own towel), availability of spray bottles to wipe down equipment before use, and other signs of cleanliness that matter.

Opening and closing time

The time you prefer visiting the gym can be different from when other members prefer going. You might prefer mornings when you’re fresh, while others might prefer nights when their schedules are open. Gyms that are open 24/7 are a great option because you can walk in at any time you want and leave whenever you feel your fitness needs are satiated.

But since not all gyms offer 24 hour service, make sure to inquire about business hours before signing up and make sure the gym’s hours of operation can provide a convenient time for you to visit. Also take into consideration what days the gym is open. Are they open on weekends and holidays? These are important questions you should ask.

Option of a personal trainer

Most standard gyms offer personal training options. For some, you have to pay extra for a personal trainer, while for others you automatically get a personal trainer once you sign up.

Either way, if your fitness goals will require professional guidance, make sure there will be a personal trainer available to guide you. And also make sure the personal trainer is properly qualified or certified to deliver the expert fitness solutions you require.

If your neighbourhood gym doesn’t have the features that matter the most to your fitness goals, you should try looking elsewhere because compromising on your fitness goals can in the long-term be a regrettable decision. Stay fit, live happy.